Free Family Fun: Don’t miss tonight’s LUNAR ECLIPSE…

Know what tomorrow is?  It’s the WINTER SOLSTICE.  That means that down in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the shortest day of the year. For us, that means that tonight (the morning of Dec.21st) will be the longest NIGHT of the year. After that, we can look forward to the days getting longer and longer!

Know what else it is?  It’s also a LUNAR ECLIPSE.

Know when the last time these two things happened at the same time was??  The year 1638.   (Pretty neat little piece of info, although I don’t think it will make the eclipse look any different!)  🙂

So if you’re brave enough, get some of the older kiddos up and make some memories.  It starts (around the St. Louis area) around 1:41 am, with the full eclipse happening around 2:17 am.

Can’t you just hear them in 20 years saying, “Hey mom, remember when you got me up in the middle of the night to see the lunar eclipse?”

Hmm… least that’s how it’s “supposed” to work.  🙂

Sources:Riverfront Times,, Wikipedia

One Response to “Free Family Fun: Don’t miss tonight’s LUNAR ECLIPSE…”
  1. Thanks for sharing! I might try this tonight with the bigger kids 🙂

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