What I’ve Been Doing and Why I’m so Tired….

I…. just……. had….. an amazing couple of weeks.


Two of my favorite events of the year,  decided to happen at the same time.


First,  was the Stork Lady’s Kid & Baby Consignment Sale.

I spent two weeks getting things together, tagged, and dropped off……

Stork Lady Photo (Fall 2010)

And because I volunteered to work (LOTS) of hours, I got to shop early!!

Stork Lady Photo (Fall 2010)

The good news is, after all the work, sweat, and gas money up there, I sold most of my items and made over $900!!!!!!


The bad news is, I might have quite possibly spent $400 of it on summer clothes, shoes, Easter outfits, homeschool stuff, birthday presents, sippy cups, potty seats, YOU NAME IT!!

But still.


And I only confess that to make you feel better about yourself, by the way.


So in the end,  when the sale was all said and done, I pretty much felt like….

Photo Credit

In the evenings, after working the sale all day, I would drag myself on over to our church’s annual CAMP MEETING…..

If you’ve never been to a Camp Meeting, it’s pretty much a week sent down from Heaven full of…….


Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

Oh my, was there preaching…..

Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

Like, 13 sessions of good, solid preaching!

Loud singing….

Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

(Isn’t it great to know that when you might still be a little self conscious about raising your hands in church, there just might be someone behind you taking your picture?)

(And yet someone else who may or may not just post it on the internet?)


🙂  I’m kidding.  That wouldn’t happen.




There were awesome testimonies……

Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

And seriously adorable little people who you can’t help but grin at during service….

Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

And then there were the “in-between” times.  Which all included food.  Really good food.

Photo by the Illustrious Stephanie Lee

There’s really no better way to get to know a sister than by cutting up tomatoes together.


And for those shorter breaks, there was the wildly amazing…… St. Arbucks.

Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

Unbelievably staffed, by the way.

(Although I’m pretty sure they may be breaking some kind of child labor laws here.)

Photo by the Amazing Billy Jackson

Sorry Liam, I didn’t get to try the Raspberry Latte, but I can definitely vouch for the Raspberry Mocha!!

Photo by the Illustrious Stephanie Lee

I’m just loving the whole “younger women learning from the older” concept.  Who’d a thunk??

And we can’t forget about the “chair brigade”……..

Photo by the Illustrious Stephanie Lee

This sturdy crew set up and took down the chairs before and after each meal.  (And felt pretty important doing so, I might add!)

I hear tell they got it down to 5 minutes by the end…..

(But I must admit my bias.  I’m a proud mama to one of those lean mean serving the Lord machines.)

Photo by the Illustrious Stephanie Lee

They had some pretty stellar shirts, too.  The bottom line says,

“We know when to fold em'”

And last but not least, there were……

Photo by the Illustrious Stephanie Lee

Oreo Balls.

And WHY, I ask myself, did I save the Oreo Balls until last??


I have issues.

(And apparently so does my 6 year old daughter.  I found out on Sunday that she had “bummed” six quarters off a dear brother in the church during the course of the week.)


So now, after such a week my spirit is full, but my flesh is……

Photo Credit

(I took that with my computer cam.  Amazing quality, don’t you think??)


And the day after all of this amazing wonderfulness was over, the Lord gave us another gift. A really beautiful ultrasound.

(It took me a while to find the heartbeat….because the arms and legs were going so crazy!!)

By the way, this is NOT our ultrasound (we don’t exactly speak Chinese), but it was so incredibly close I had to share!



Thanking the Lord for so much, (and feeling like His GRACE has hit me like a mac truck),

2 Responses to “What I’ve Been Doing and Why I’m so Tired….”
  1. Heather says:

    thanks for the update 🙂 so glad to hear you are doing well!

  2. CAROL says:

    Sounds like you had a truly amazing couple of weeks, & congratulations on the good ultrasound. Stay healthy!

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