Menu Monday: Easy FUN with Cream Cheese!

CREAM CHEESE is on sale!!!!  CREAM CHEESE is on sale!!!!!  $.89 at Save-A-Lot!!!!!

I wish there was some way you could freeze cream cheese, but from everything I’ve read, it doesn’t freeze well.  If you have experience with this I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Frugal people find what’s on SALE, and that’s what they eat!  I was excited to see name brand cream cheese on sale at Save-A-Lot this week, I have TWO favorite EASY cream cheese recipes!!


  • 1 pkg cream cheese
  • 1 container “Cool Whip”/Dream Whip
  • 1 pie crust
  • 1 can cherries

Mix the cream cheese and cool whip with a hand mixer.  Put it in the pie crust.  Top with the cherries.   Chill.

Whew, I’m worn out…that was SOOOO much work!  🙂  Hehe.

Here’s an idea of what it will look like…check out the CherryPieRecipes Blog HERE!

OREO BALLS! All the rage this year 🙂

  • 1 pkg oreos
  • 1pkg cream cheese
  • chocolate/almond bark

Crush the oreos.  Mix the oreos with cream cheese.  Plop spoonfuls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  Chill for 30 min or so.  Now dip them in the melted chocolate.

Yeah, it’s THAT easy.  I used “Peppermint Oreos”, and they tasted like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!  My next experiment will be Peanut Butter “Oreos” (actually, they are just an off brand sandwich cookie from Save-A-Lot)…..I’m pretty excited to see how they turn out!

(And by the way, if you have an ego problem, you probably shouldn’t make these.  You’re gonna get a LOT of compliments)  🙂

Here an idea of what mine looked like….

(Photo from Big Oven….HERE)

Put them in cute little cupcake holders…

Thanks, PassionForParties!

Suzie,at StayCalmAndSewSomething put a toothpick in hers….great idea!

Check out her blog  HERE!

Taylor, at Adventures With Marzipan is the Oreo Ball QUEEN with these Snowman Oreo Balls…

See how cleverly she did it HERE!

Enjoy all that CREAM CHEESE, sisters!!


2 Responses to “Menu Monday: Easy FUN with Cream Cheese!”
  1. Dolores Jensen says:

    No, it does not freeze well, unless it is already mixed into something. Those oreo balls, they freeze wonderfully. We make them up, freeze them in a cake pan so they do not stick together, then removed them from pan and place them in a freezer bag or container for the freezer. Get them out and dip them any time you need a quick gift for someone or a quick dessert. You could also use them as an interactive dessert. Prepare the bark and keep it warm on a fondue pot. Have tooth picks in the balls on a tray. Set out little bowls of sprinkles, crushed nuts, candies. Then dip away.

    You can also use the cream cheese in the Creamy Lasagne recipe on Taste of Home’s website. Make one for dinner and one to freeze for a busy day.

  2. Paula says:

    I freeze it for use recipes but I would not use it in a dip after it’s been frozen. It slightly changes the texture in my opinion.

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