To Stock Up On This Week: It’s TUNAFEST!

I would like to take this moment to thank all of my “Lent observing” friends for something very special this week.  Because of you…. TUNA IS ON SALE!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!  I love to keep a stock of at least 24 cans of tuna (on sale $.50 or less tuna, that is) in my basement for our … Continue reading

What I am **Stocking Up** on This Week……

While I have our grocery shopping done for the next two weeks, I love to look at the ads and see if there is anything out there worth “stocking up” on!  (I mean like…..MAJOR stocking up here!)  I have some shelves in my basement and I love to stock them with “sale price” food.   … Continue reading

My Marshmallow Creme Dilemma….

Last night, as I was cruising the isles of Save-A-Lot….(one of my favorite pastimes I must say), at the end of the baking isle I spotted THIS….     Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme.  What was unusual about that, you ask?  Well, it was marked down…from $.99….to $.50….. Ooo….ooo….Good Deal Alert!!!!   Should I stock up?? … Continue reading

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers…..(Free & Cheap)

I love my babies.  I hate buying diapers.  (That’s a strong word, I know, but I think it accurately describes my relationship with buying disposable diapers.) I can just feel my body cringe just imagining myself at the store, reaching up for a $14.00 package of diapers that I know will just end up in … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: Consignment Sale Tips

Have you gotten involved with the “Consignment Sale Craze” yet?  If not… you totally should!! It’s amazing how much money you can make, and the great finds that are just WAITING for you!! Photo Credit These sales are ALL OVER the country…  just google “consignment sale + (your city)” and they should pop right up!! … Continue reading

On Buying Groceries…

Photo Credit   Groceries. We all need ’em.   We all buy ’em. I thought I’d share a little bit about our “system,” in case it could be a blessing to some brother or sister out there!  (*Note….I know this is not the only or best way, but it’s what is working for us right … Continue reading

THE SALE:: Registration is OPEN!!

It’s time!!  It’s time!! Registration is now OPEN for the Stork Lady Consignment Sale…… Photo Credit The sale dates are Thursday, April 7th through Saturday, the 9th….BUT…. If you sell items in the sale, you get to SHOP EARLY!!!!!  (totally worth it:)   Sign up and find more info on the website…..HERE   To … Continue reading

Before You Use That Gift Card…

Before you spend that groovy gift card that only 1.3 million of us bought the other day………. Make that deal even sweeter by signing up for the 3 month free trial of Amazon Prime to get FREE SHIPPING on your purchase!   Find out more HERE….. (and make sure to change your account settings to … Continue reading

Good Deal Alert: $20 Amazon gift card for $10

I almost bought the kid’s Saxon Math workbooks yesterday, but decided to wait to find a better deal….. glad I did!! Thanks to several friends, this morning I saw this deal over at Living Social…. Purchase a $20 gift card from for only $10! (Living Social is a daily deals site, like Groupon) To … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: 2 Things Mama Told Me Never to “Skimp” on…

Growing up, mama was always a very careful “saver”. She made all of our clothes…. Never kept snacks of any kind in the house… Made her soups watery to stretch them further…. Hot dogs and mac & cheese definitely had its place on the monthly meal socket… A very rare trip to MacDonald’s was always … Continue reading

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