Menu Monday: Quick Chicken Parmigiana

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Wonderful’s favorite Sunday afternoon meal.  I totally “dig” it, too…. but only because it is so amazingly EASY. Maybe it’s just me, but after church on Sunday I always tend to feel…… exhausted. Don’t ask me why, it’s not like a just ran a marathon or something. So … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: THE BOX

Please be warned.  I’m about to divulge a deep, carefully hidden, family secret.   If you’ve ever wondered if I really do love you… you can know for sure. Okay, now let’s talk in whispers. Have you ever heard of, “THE BOX”? It’s how we get ALL of our meat.  Half Price. You see, at … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Easiest Ever BBQ Sandwiches

Two things I like about this recipe: 1.  It’s so easy I’m almost embarrassed to post it. 2.  I love to have my crock pot going on winter days.  (It’s almost as good as a candle.  Really.) Soooo…….here’s whatcha do. Put some meat (and a little water) in your crock pot and cook it ALL … Continue reading

Today Only! FREE Sample at Maggie Moo’s…

I thought I’d post this (even though I’d guess 99.9% are already busy tonight!)  🙂 After school maybe??  🙂 FREE Sample at Maggie Moo’s Today from Coupon STL by Jeri Wednesday, December 15th from 3 pm to 7 pm.  Take a canned good to a participating Maggie Moo’s and receive a FREE sample of an Ice Cream Cupcake. Limit … Continue reading

Do It Yourself Gift Ideas…

It’s time to start thinking about the “smaller gifts”….you know what I mean, the kid’s teachers, Sunday School teachers, neighbors, the mailman, aunts, uncles, etc. I know someone who leaves their garbage man a cooler with sodas in it EACH WEEK!  The garbage man, in turn, brings her cooler and trash cans up to the … Continue reading

Menu Monday: How I fed 21 people for $11.07

We had our youngest little guy’s 2 year birthday party after church yesterday.  My husband’s family came over….twenty-one people!  The whole meal cost approx $11.07, that’s only 52 cents per person!  Here’s how I did it…. (By the way, OF COURSE everything was bought at Save-A-Lot) SPAGHETTI Ground Turkey ($1.39 x 2) Hunts Spaghetti Sauce … Continue reading

This Week’s Monday Menu….Homemade Pizza

When it comes to frugal recipes, this one’s at the top of the list!  I have my wonderful mother in law to thank for it.  She raised 7 children on a VERY tight budget, and I have learned much from her.  Now just because you are making homemade pizza doesn’t mean it will always be … Continue reading

How Ground Turkey Changed My Life…

Well come on, you didn’t expect me to start my first post without GROUND TURKEY, did you??  🙂  All kidding aside, the day I discovered ground turkey was they day my life would change forever.   PROS: -Ground Turkey is MUCH cheaper than ground beef.   When I first started buying it, I could get it for $.59 … Continue reading

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