What Doesn’t Work Wednesday: Regarding Toilets

Sometimes we make good decisions with money, and sometimes we make really BAD ones.   Allow me to confess a really BAD one to you, in hopes that you will avoid making the same mistake. At all costs. A couple of months ago, we started noticing that after we would flush the toilet in our … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: How we use our DRYER to HEAT the house

Brrrrr…..it’s COLD out there, no?  And in this drafty old house, any heating tips are very WELCOME. Right now my two favorite places to be are sitting on the hearth in front of the fireplace, and in my laundry room, doing laundry.  (I can’t believe I just said that)… Your dryer is putting out wonderful, … Continue reading

Free Friday: My journey to free phone service (pt.1)

I don’t enjoy paying bills.  I REALLY don’t enjoy paying my phone/internet bill every month….$80.00 to AT & T.  Every…single… month.  That’s $960 per year.   I DO however, quite enjoy my phone service and my internet service, so….I pay it.  Now in the old days, I just had phone service- no internet.  I would DRIVE to one … Continue reading

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