Top Tip Tuesday: Make some money…and PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!!!!!

The time has come, it’s time to PURGE!!  The big day is upon us and we need to make ROOM for the onslaught that is coming.   Even if your family doesn’t do “big” on Christmas Day, a thorough purge does us all good once in a while…

(Almighty Dad has an amusing post on the outrageous cost of those little toys!  Find it HERE…)

Grab a couple of trash bags, and go at it.  I like to empty out the toy box, and start sorting.  One bag for THE SALE (this stuff is worth money, folks!), One bag for DONATE (you can’t sell anything that is ripped or stained), and then cherished, played with toys can go back in the toy box.  In my mind it doesn’t really matter how “nice” of a toy it is, but do they actually PLAY with it.

The Spring StorkLady Consignment Sale will be here before you know it, and you’ll be ready!  Other good spots I like to purge include:

  • Closets -(look for items your child hasn’t worn, and probably doesn’t care for:)
  • Garage or deck toys  (How many baseball bats does one family need?)
  • Coat closet
  • Shoes
  • Barbie Dolls (You know there are more coming….)
  • Dress Up Clothes (I like to keep whatever fits in ONE tub)
  • Baby Toys

(My goal is for the lid to CLOSE and only be about 2/3 full.)  I Can Teach My Child has a great article on safely converting a trunk or basket into a toy box HERE…

After my first child I wanted to keep EVERYTHING.  After all, I wanted to have more children, right?  Here’s what I found out.  Your new baby will have birthdays, too!!  Christmas will come for your new baby, and EVERY child after that!  The toys will MULTIPLY.  Trust me.  🙂

And remember, you’re not really getting rid of it YET.  You can always change your mind.  🙂

Alright, girls….got your Welch’s Sparkling Grape juice ready?  Let’s do a toast……Here’s to a life filled with LESS “stuff”, and MORE, MORE, MORE of Christ!!

Happy Purging!

Sending lots of love your way,





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