About Me

Hello my friend,  allow me to introduce myself.  I am a wife who loves her husband and appreciates him very much.   I am a mother who loves her children beyond expression.   If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, I am your sister.   And for some reason…..I am CRAZY about saving money.  I thrive on it.   It thrills me to find some random, crazy way to save a few dollars off a monthly bill.  It struck me that in some small way, publishing my “money saving tips” could benefit a brother or sister out there.

But above all, my ultimate desire is to point you to Christ (just as my sisters continually do for me)…..even in the most mundane issues of life.

Like…..in say…..buying toilet paper, for example.

So here goes nothing…

Saving money for the Glory of God,


(a.k.a……Melissa 🙂 )

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