Wake Up Wednesday: Francis Chan on being RICH

I heard this sermon for the first time four years ago, and it still knocks my socks off. It’s “long”, but I like to watch it every so often (even just the first 10 or 15 minutes of it) to help “knock” me back to my senses. Money does funny things to people. Money does … Continue reading

A great way to buy FLOWER GIRL dresses…

I’m a bit tired. I’m tired because yesterday after our sumptuous Sunday fellowship, I convinced my Mr. Wonderful to let me “peek” in at Walmart’s Christmas clearance to see what was left.  Very Dangerous on his part. But I found some great gift sets…. and then I found this dress. Actually, there were three of … Continue reading

It’s December 29th. It’s Mylie’s Day.

Today is a special day for our family.  It’s Mylie’s day.   Wanna know why? First, let me tell you about her. Mylie is my sister’s second baby.  We were soo excited last August (09′) when she was going to be born. See her room all ready for her?  Zebra print with hot pink accent. … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: My Favorite Things to Buy After Christmas….

Ahh, the week after Christmas.   The “big” excitement is over, but we are still basking in a sea of gifts, some of them still in packaging.  I like this week.  There is still New Year’s to look forward to, and until then I will forever be in “Christmas Mode”…. I know there are some … Continue reading

Free Friday: Christmas Eve Style…

I’m pretty sure you don’t have time for any of these WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, freebies right now…. But just in case you forgot to get your dear mother a present… quickly take a photo off the wall, print off the “Subway Art” below, frame it, and wrap. She’ll never know.  🙂 Unless she reads this. 29 … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, friend…

It’s Christmas Eve.  I’m actually up early.  I mean, while it’s still dark, early. Mr. Wonderful (aka my husband) is off work today.  Out of town family has arrived.  The sickness that had come over us is starting to fade.  Now, as the sun is coming up I can see that a dreamy, very Christmasy … Continue reading

Free Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree Album…

Free Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree Album You can download the The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree album for free today on Amazon. Just head here to get your download. Thanks to Shannon at For The Mommas for this one!! Download it to your computer, and you’ll have it around for next year! Happy last minute shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking!! … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Easy FUN with Cream Cheese!

CREAM CHEESE is on sale!!!!  CREAM CHEESE is on sale!!!!!  $.89 at Save-A-Lot!!!!! I wish there was some way you could freeze cream cheese, but from everything I’ve read, it doesn’t freeze well.  If you have experience with this I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Frugal people find what’s on SALE, and that’s what … Continue reading

Don’t buy any more BOWS, make them yourself out of left over WRAPPING PAPER!

This summer at my sweet niece’s birthday party, I came across the BEST idea!!  My sister’s mother in law had made the absolute CUTEST bow out of left over wrapping paper scraps.   I was amazed.  Truly amazed. She showed me how she did it, but (as usual) I had forgotten in about five minutes. … Continue reading

Free Friday: A Basement Stash, a Giveaway Winner, and Lots of FREE STUFF!! 12/17

Welcome to FREE FRIDAY!!  I hope one or more of these offers might be a blessing to you… Our pastor’s wife takes advantage of all the freebies and sales that she can.  She keeps them in a “stash” in her basement, and when she sees someone going through a rough patch she just “happens” to … Continue reading

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