What I am stocking up on this week…..(1/06)

save a lot

Save-A-Lot has a few really nice things to stock up on this week….here are a few of them! Tony’s Crispy Crust Pizza……$.89 I tried these out before posting, and they were pretty good!  They are similar to the “Totino’s Party Pizza” (same weight, but square) if you are familiar with those.   The kids like … Continue reading

How Ground Turkey Changed My Life…

Well come on, you didn’t expect me to start my first post without GROUND TURKEY, did you??  🙂  All kidding aside, the day I discovered ground turkey was they day my life would change forever.   PROS: -Ground Turkey is MUCH cheaper than ground beef.   When I first started buying it, I could get it for $.59 … Continue reading

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