How to Re-use Your Left Over Bread Bags….

Know what’s not fun?  (Besides your kids getting the stomach flu three different times in three weeks?)  Oh wait…I digress….

When your family all arrives at your house for a “smashing” birthday party, and you realize…….I forgot the ICE!!!!

And you have to send your wonderful husband out on a mad dash to get some….

(Oh the horror…)


Okay, well I guess there are worse things going on out there in the world.


(Spoiled Americans)


Anyway, when we finish a loaf of bread around here…..everybody knows not to throw away the bread bag…..

I then fetch the ice trays from the freezer….

And fill up the bag!  (I usually turn the bag inside out as well….to spare myself the embarrassment of my party guests finding crumbs floating in their drinks!)

Then I tie a knot at the top, and throw the bag in the deep freeze!

On party day, when my wonderful husband asks, “Is there anything I can do?”

“Yes,”  I say…..”Can you get me some ice?”

And of course, he does.


Love you,


P.S….This also works great if you are going camping!!  Only in that case you’ll need LOTS more!!

One Response to “How to Re-use Your Left Over Bread Bags….”
  1. Tina S. says:

    This is a good idea…just be sure to find out if the paints and dyes on your bread bag are toxic. They used to have all kinds of icky ingredients in them. This may have changed but you sure don’t want to give your kids or guests anything toxic!

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