Top Tip Tuesday: My Favorite Site (for 2-7 year olds!)

Have you heard of yet?  One day when my Mr. Wonderful got home from work, he told me about it.  He had been working in a home where some preschool aged children were happily using the site, and he was so impressed that he wrote down the site name and said I should check … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Training Our Children

  Photo Credit Smack dab in the middle of our sermon last Sunday, Love and Forgiveness in the Body of Christ, (which I highly recommend, by the way)….. our pastor made this point: “There should be a ban in your home on reality television where people are fighting and backbiting.”  (I’m paraphrasing here):) It’s just … Continue reading

Before You Use That Gift Card…

Before you spend that groovy gift card that only 1.3 million of us bought the other day………. Make that deal even sweeter by signing up for the 3 month free trial of Amazon Prime to get FREE SHIPPING on your purchase!   Find out more HERE….. (and make sure to change your account settings to … Continue reading

Good Deal Alert: $20 Amazon gift card for $10

I almost bought the kid’s Saxon Math workbooks yesterday, but decided to wait to find a better deal….. glad I did!! Thanks to several friends, this morning I saw this deal over at Living Social…. Purchase a $20 gift card from for only $10! (Living Social is a daily deals site, like Groupon) To … Continue reading

Bible Reading Plans….Do you have yours yet?

It’s that time again!!  Time for us to gear up and choose our “plan of action”. ***insert knuckle cracking*** I just love the New Year.  I actually have HOPE that I might be able do it this time…. Now let me make a confession to you.  (Because you are my wonderful friend who loves me … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, friend…

It’s Christmas Eve.  I’m actually up early.  I mean, while it’s still dark, early. Mr. Wonderful (aka my husband) is off work today.  Out of town family has arrived.  The sickness that had come over us is starting to fade.  Now, as the sun is coming up I can see that a dreamy, very Christmasy … Continue reading

The Nativity Story…..Watch and Enjoy for FREE

Have you SEEN the movie “The Nativity Story” yet?  It’s a favorite at our house.  We saw it in theaters years ago, and I thought it was the most BEAUTIFUL movie I had ever seen.  We bought 3 copies, and gave 2 away we loved it so much…. Check out some of these scenes…. I … Continue reading

Free Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree Album…

Free Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree Album You can download the The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree album for free today on Amazon. Just head here to get your download. Thanks to Shannon at For The Mommas for this one!! Download it to your computer, and you’ll have it around for next year! Happy last minute shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking!! … Continue reading

Free Family Fun: Don’t miss tonight’s LUNAR ECLIPSE…

Know what tomorrow is?  It’s the WINTER SOLSTICE.  That means that down in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the shortest day of the year. For us, that means that tonight (the morning of Dec.21st) will be the longest NIGHT of the year. After that, we can look forward to the days getting longer and … Continue reading

Raising Children in an R-Rated World

‎”The world is R-rated, and no one’s checking IDs” – N. D. Wilson   Raising Children in an R-Rated World from the Desiring God blog. Read the whole article here—- Raising Children in an R-Rated World.  

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