Why I Am Frugal…..

Photo Credit Frugal Christian Living.   That’s pretty much what this little blog is all about.   I wanted to do a post listing some of the reasons why I am frugal. But before that. Please let it be known that I struggle with plenty of things.   Plenty.  If you only knew.  🙂   (So thankful to Jesus Christ who … Continue reading

Getting Pumped For Tomorrow….All I Have is Christ!!

Photo Credit   I love grace. I could never be reconciled to God without Him extending Grace to me. Ever. I’m that bad.   I love this song. and…. I love you. Know why? ‘Cause you’re my sister.  (Okay, or maybe my brother.) We are bonded together by a “tie” so strong, it cannot be … Continue reading

Gettin’ Ready For Tomorrow….

Because I love this song…. And because I need to hear this message over and over….. And  because tomorrow I will be celebrating the gospel with my brothers and sisters…. And because I love to get “pumped up” for the best day of the week…. And because my heart overflows when  I consider my ugly, stinking, … Continue reading

Freebie Alert: FREE Audiobook download: Adopted for Life

I like to listen to sermons while I’m in the kitchen, or folding laundry…… which is pretty much  ALL THE TIME…. This looks like it would be good!     Download it for FREE on the Christianaudio.com site….HERE (Normally a $14.98 download, not sure how long it will last!)   So thankful for the gospel—the … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Meet Trevor Johnson…

I’d love for you to meet Trevor.  He came one Sunday night and gave a little talk to our church body.    His wife is Teresa, and his kiddos are Noah and Alethea.  We didn’t get to meet Teresa, she was at home with sick kids. Malaria. Again. Here is the view from where they … Continue reading

Wake up Wednesday: FAVELA (Brazil)

Several years back Mr. Wonderful and I had the opportunity to take an extraordinary trip to San Paulo, Brazil. I remember driving (not me driving, someone else driving) around and just feeling like I was in another “world”. Even the air and sky seemed to be a different color.  ( Perhaps that was due to … Continue reading

A Little Encouragement…….WORD.

There are sooo many crazy awesome clearance deals out there right now that I am going to have to employ my very best money-saving rule.  Do not, under any circumstances,  enter a store. You see, my gift sets for next year have been bought, my money has been spent, and at this point (for me, … Continue reading

Free Friday: Fun “stuff” for all!! (1/07)

Happy “Free Friday”!!!!! PRINTABLE GREETING CARDS Greetings Island has TONS of free printable birthday and other occasion cards…..Print them on cardstock, and even customize them with names and other messages!   Find them HERE…. Thanks, Tip Junkie! Wendy’s: FREE Jr. Frosty for a Whole Year?! **WARNING** Reading this may destroy your New Years Resolution! Wow! … Continue reading

Happy New Year, Friend….

Here’s to a year filled with lots of love. And grace. But then again they go hand in hand, don’t they? Love and grace toward our brothers and sisters in Christ… Love and grace toward our spouse…. Love and grace towards our children….. and so many others. And the best part of grace is, it’s … Continue reading

Bible Reading Plans….Do you have yours yet?

It’s that time again!!  Time for us to gear up and choose our “plan of action”. ***insert knuckle cracking*** I just love the New Year.  I actually have HOPE that I might be able do it this time…. Now let me make a confession to you.  (Because you are my wonderful friend who loves me … Continue reading

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