Free Friday: Blockbuster Code & More…{3/18}

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!!   Blockbuster Free Rental Code   Blockbuster Express Free Rental Code There is  another new Blockbuster Express Rental Code. Use code: 6QHOGF Code expires 3/27/11 Check out a Blockbuster Express location near you. Thanks, Cindy @ Living Rich With Coupons !   Shop for Free! { Walgreens Starting SUNDAY}   Almay Cosmetics, Prices … Continue reading

And in Other News…..(The EasyBake Oven Scandal)

  While I missed the whole “Easy Bake Oven” thing as a child, my little girl is quite enjoying the one I picked up for $8.00 (brand new with mixes and all) at the Sale….. It served it’s purpose as a “big” present on Christmas morning, and to quote her, “It’s a lot more fun … Continue reading

Our Frugal Valentine’s Day….{Pt.1}

Photo Credit   I like Valentine’s Day.   For us, it’s just a little bit of “special” right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of “normal”. Can I share with you what will almost inevitably take place inside our cozy little home on Valentine’s Day?   (Try not to get your hopes up.) … Continue reading

Redbox FREE Code: Today Only (1/27)

  Today/tonight only  you can use this code to get a free movie rental:                         MOVIENIGHT Just start by pushing the “Rent with Promo Code” Button on the first screen. Hurry! This offer is only available for today! Check the Redbox site and check out … Continue reading

Joy in the Morning…{How to melt your wife’s heart without spending a dime}

I wake up.   I already feel a twinge of discouragement as I think of all the work that needs to be done today.  I look over to find that our little 6-year-old has made her way into our bed….again. My Mr. Wonderful has gone to work long ago.  While it is still dark he … Continue reading

New Free Blockbuster Express Codes

We’ve been having a blast using our free movie codes on Friday nights along with a big bowl of popcorn. I look up online what movies are available HERE, and my Mr. Wonderful picks them up.   We’ve been pleasantly surprised that the kiosks also have “older” family movies to choose from. Here are three … Continue reading

The Nativity Story…..Watch and Enjoy for FREE

Have you SEEN the movie “The Nativity Story” yet?  It’s a favorite at our house.  We saw it in theaters years ago, and I thought it was the most BEAUTIFUL movie I had ever seen.  We bought 3 copies, and gave 2 away we loved it so much…. Check out some of these scenes…. I … Continue reading

Free Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree Album…

Free Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree Album You can download the The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree album for free today on Amazon. Just head here to get your download. Thanks to Shannon at For The Mommas for this one!! Download it to your computer, and you’ll have it around for next year! Happy last minute shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking!! … Continue reading

Free Family Fun: Don’t miss tonight’s LUNAR ECLIPSE…

Know what tomorrow is?  It’s the WINTER SOLSTICE.  That means that down in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the shortest day of the year. For us, that means that tonight (the morning of Dec.21st) will be the longest NIGHT of the year. After that, we can look forward to the days getting longer and … Continue reading

Raising Children in an R-Rated World

‎”The world is R-rated, and no one’s checking IDs” – N. D. Wilson   Raising Children in an R-Rated World from the Desiring God blog. Read the whole article here—- Raising Children in an R-Rated World.  

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