On Buying Groceries…

Photo Credit   Groceries. We all need ’em.   We all buy ’em. I thought I’d share a little bit about our “system,” in case it could be a blessing to some brother or sister out there!  (*Note….I know this is not the only or best way, but it’s what is working for us right … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: Cheaper from Scratch…

sniff..sniff………sniff…sniff……..Can you smell that?? It’s coming from my kitchen. Miraculously. Warm cinnamon bread with brown sugar and pecans…..add some butter and more cinnamon on top, and you’ve got a scrumptious breakfast. And lest you get the wrong idea about how “domestic” I am…… you should know that I used a bread machine.   🙂 (In … Continue reading

A Little Encouragement…….WORD.

There are sooo many crazy awesome clearance deals out there right now that I am going to have to employ my very best money-saving rule.  Do not, under any circumstances,  enter a store. You see, my gift sets for next year have been bought, my money has been spent, and at this point (for me, … Continue reading

What I am stocking up on this week…..(1/06)

Save-A-Lot has a few really nice things to stock up on this week….here are a few of them! Tony’s Crispy Crust Pizza……$.89 I tried these out before posting, and they were pretty good!  They are similar to the “Totino’s Party Pizza” (same weight, but square) if you are familiar with those.   The kids like … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: THE BOX

Please be warned.  I’m about to divulge a deep, carefully hidden, family secret.   If you’ve ever wondered if I really do love you…..now you can know for sure. Okay, now let’s talk in whispers. Have you ever heard of, “THE BOX”? It’s how we get ALL of our meat.  Half Price. You see, at … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Easy FUN with Cream Cheese!

CREAM CHEESE is on sale!!!!  CREAM CHEESE is on sale!!!!!  $.89 at Save-A-Lot!!!!! I wish there was some way you could freeze cream cheese, but from everything I’ve read, it doesn’t freeze well.  If you have experience with this I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Frugal people find what’s on SALE, and that’s what … Continue reading

3 Things To Stock Up This Week…(Good Until 12/18)

***Save A Lot Deals that are good until Dec. 18th***  (You will need these items anyway, better to buy them on SALE when you can!) RED GOLD KETCHUP (Big 40 oz bottle)… $1.00 each I figured we would use 1 per month (at least 🙂 ) so $12 would buy us a year’s supply. MORNING … Continue reading

Time to stock up…

It’s the end of the year, and time to stock up!  Save-A-Lot has a few deals going on that you won’t want to miss… Visit their website to search for deals at your location here:  http://save-a-lot.com/ I stocked up on some select canned goods priced temporarily at $.39 right now, including:  green beans, corn, cream corn, … Continue reading

How Ground Turkey Changed My Life…

Well come on, you didn’t expect me to start my first post without GROUND TURKEY, did you??  🙂  All kidding aside, the day I discovered ground turkey was they day my life would change forever.   PROS: -Ground Turkey is MUCH cheaper than ground beef.   When I first started buying it, I could get it for $.59 … Continue reading

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