What to do With Those Hard-Boiled Eggs!

Does anyone else still have two dozen hard-boiled eggs staring them in the face every time they open the fridge?? (That’s what we get for indulging in pagan rituals, I suppose.)   Hee hee.  I kid.  I love that somehow dying eggs on Saturday night suddenly helps build the excitement for a Sunday Resurrection Celebration…… … Continue reading

How to Re-use Your Left Over Bread Bags….

Know what’s not fun?  (Besides your kids getting the stomach flu three different times in three weeks?)  Oh wait…I digress…. When your family all arrives at your house for a “smashing” birthday party, and you realize…….I forgot the ICE!!!! And you have to send your wonderful husband out on a mad dash to get some…. … Continue reading

And in Other News…..(The EasyBake Oven Scandal)

  While I missed the whole “Easy Bake Oven” thing as a child, my little girl is quite enjoying the one I picked up for $8.00 (brand new with mixes and all) at the Sale….. It served it’s purpose as a “big” present on Christmas morning, and to quote her, “It’s a lot more fun … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: Consignment Sale Tips

Have you gotten involved with the “Consignment Sale Craze” yet?  If not… you totally should!! It’s amazing how much money you can make, and the great finds that are just WAITING for you!! Photo Credit These sales are ALL OVER the country…  just google “consignment sale + (your city)” and they should pop right up!! … Continue reading

How to Refill Your Swiffer Wet Jet Bottle…..For Free!!

Photo Credit   I used to have a Swiffer Wet Jet…..it was lovely.  I loved seeing all the dirt on the bottom of the refill pad. Made me feel useful. But then, alas, I just got plum tired of spending money on refills. So, I tried to sell it in a garage sale. But no … Continue reading

On Buying Groceries…

Photo Credit   Groceries. We all need ’em.   We all buy ’em. I thought I’d share a little bit about our “system,” in case it could be a blessing to some brother or sister out there!  (*Note….I know this is not the only or best way, but it’s what is working for us right … Continue reading

Top Tip Tuesday: How to Make New Candles Using Your Leftover Wax!

  I love my candles! I also know how expensive they can be…. That’s what prompted me to devise a plan for that little bit of wax always left over at the bottom of my candles….. Why not reuse it to make MORE CANDLES!!   So here’s what you’ll need…. a candle warmer (around $5.00 … Continue reading

Laundry Folding Series: How to Fold FITTED SHEETS Like a Pro…(Pt.3)

Photo from SmallNotebook…..(a blog worth checking out!)   Happy Saturday, sisters! For some reason I don’t mind laundry as much on Saturdays…..  just feels a bit more “laid back” to me! Of course, that wasn’t true until we decided not to do any Sport/Lesson/Activity that would take us away from the home EVERY Saturday…. (Ahh, … Continue reading

Got Debt??

Photo Credit   I’m a skeptic at heart.   If something is being sold on television I automatically assume it’s junk.  Why am I like that? Maybe it has to do with the high quality“steamer” Mr. Wonderful and I bought from an infomercial when we were first married that turned out to be a cheap … Continue reading

THE SALE:: Registration is OPEN!!

It’s time!!  It’s time!! Registration is now OPEN for the Stork Lady Consignment Sale…… Photo Credit The sale dates are Thursday, April 7th through Saturday, the 9th….BUT…. If you sell items in the sale, you get to SHOP EARLY!!!!!  (totally worth it:)   Sign up and find more info on the storklady.net website…..HERE   To … Continue reading

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