Wake Up Wednesday: Francis Chan on being RICH

I heard this sermon for the first time four years ago, and it still knocks my socks off. It’s “long”, but I like to watch it every so often (even just the first 10 or 15 minutes of it) to help “knock” me back to my senses. Money does funny things to people. Money does … Continue reading

Bible Reading Plans….Do you have yours yet?

It’s that time again!!  Time for us to gear up and choose our “plan of action”. ***insert knuckle cracking*** I just love the New Year.  I actually have HOPE that I might be able do it this time…. Now let me make a confession to you.  (Because you are my wonderful friend who loves me … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, friend…

It’s Christmas Eve.  I’m actually up early.  I mean, while it’s still dark, early. Mr. Wonderful (aka my husband) is off work today.  Out of town family has arrived.  The sickness that had come over us is starting to fade.  Now, as the sun is coming up I can see that a dreamy, very Christmasy … Continue reading

The Nativity Story…..Watch and Enjoy for FREE

Have you SEEN the movie “The Nativity Story” yet?  It’s a favorite at our house.  We saw it in theaters years ago, and I thought it was the most BEAUTIFUL movie I had ever seen.  We bought 3 copies, and gave 2 away we loved it so much…. Check out some of these scenes…. I … Continue reading

The BOOK that has saved me THOUSANDS…

What is the no. #1 enemy to frugality?  DISCONTENTMENT.  It seems that just as we get one project finished, our mind starts scanning to find the next thing or project that “REALLY” needs replaced, refinished, or remodelled.  On one hand we are filling our God given charge of being “keepers of the home”.  We indeed … Continue reading

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