Why I Am Frugal…..

Photo Credit Frugal Christian Living.   That’s pretty much what this little blog is all about.   I wanted to do a post listing some of the reasons why I am frugal. But before that. Please let it be known that I struggle with plenty of things.   Plenty.  If you only knew.  🙂   (So thankful to Jesus Christ who … Continue reading

Joy in the Morning…{How to melt your wife’s heart without spending a dime}

I wake up.   I already feel a twinge of discouragement as I think of all the work that needs to be done today.  I look over to find that our little 6-year-old has made her way into our bed….again. My Mr. Wonderful has gone to work long ago.  While it is still dark he … Continue reading

Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts…..

“…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you…” God’s will for me……to be thankful.  To be content. How often I miss the many gifts he gives me each day, because I am thinking about what I have or don’t have. The best way to be frugal, … Continue reading

Happy New Year, Friend….

Here’s to a year filled with lots of love. And grace. But then again they go hand in hand, don’t they? Love and grace toward our brothers and sisters in Christ… Love and grace toward our spouse…. Love and grace towards our children….. and so many others. And the best part of grace is, it’s … Continue reading

The BOOK that has saved me THOUSANDS…

What is the no. #1 enemy to frugality?  DISCONTENTMENT.  It seems that just as we get one project finished, our mind starts scanning to find the next thing or project that “REALLY” needs replaced, refinished, or remodelled.  On one hand we are filling our God given charge of being “keepers of the home”.  We indeed … Continue reading

You may have an outstanding debt you do not know about…

It’s true. None of us like being in debt. Some of us deplore debt. But there is one debt that is far worse than any other. Our SIN debt. (This blog IS called frugal CHRISTIAN living…how could I possibly NOT bring this up??) 🙂 We owe God big time. He is, after all, completely Holy, … Continue reading

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello my friend,  allow me to introduce myself.  I am a wife who loves her husband and appreciates him very much.   I am a mother who loves her children beyond expression.   If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, I am your sister.   And for some reason…..I am CRAZY about saving money.  I thrive on it.   … Continue reading

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