What to do With Those Hard-Boiled Eggs!

Does anyone else still have two dozen hard-boiled eggs staring them in the face every time they open the fridge?? (That’s what we get for indulging in pagan rituals, I suppose.)   Hee hee.  I kid.  I love that somehow dying eggs on Saturday night suddenly helps build the excitement for a Sunday Resurrection Celebration…… … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Chicken Taco Stew

I just love my beautiful friend, Jennifer. She has the kindest spirit.   You can’t possibly spend time with her and NOT be encouraged. And I won’t even mention how adorably sweet and love-able her three kids are.   I just dare you to talk with them for at least five minutes and not want … Continue reading

A Frugal Breakfast….CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS! {Jar Mix Series Pt.2}

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite mixes to have on hand….. Chocolate Chip (or) Blueberry Muffin Mix!! I like to make 3 or 4 of these mixes at once, and then I’m “set” for the next couple of weeks! My wonderful mother in law found some blueberries on sale (at Aldi), … Continue reading

A Cheaper Way to Make…..BROWNIES {Jar Mix Series Pt.1}

A couple of months ago, I came across a post called “Baking Shortcut- Make Your Own Mixes,” about putting your bread machine ingredients in jars ahead of time…..what a great idea!! That got me a’thinkin.   Why spend money on things like “brownie mix,” when I am sure it would be cheaper to make it … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Easy Chicken Dinner

My beautiful friend Chrissy posted this recipe on her blog.….and I just had to try it! Her blog is called “I’m No Martha,” but don’t let that fool you…. She’s truly a sister who loves and serves her husband, her children, her friends….but best of all—-she loves the Lord and wants to please Him! (That … Continue reading

Menu Monday: The Most Amazing Stroke of Chocolate Chip Genius EVER

I like Superbowl Sunday.   Never mind the fact that I had not yet seen a single game of football all year. Never mind the fact that it really made no great difference in my life who the winner would be.   I like any excuse to get together with my brothers and sisters. I like … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Melt In Your Mouth….Butter/Sugar Cookies (Valentines Day Style!)

(I must first confess.  These have little to do with “frugal,” and nothing to do with “Christian,” but I would definitely put them into the “living” category…) Around Valentine’s day a couple of years ago, at the close of our home group, our wonderful Mrs. Paula brought out a plate of these….. They were buttery. … Continue reading

Menu Monday: 3 Minute Brownies

        This is a great alternative to “hot chocolate” when it snows….have it ready and waiting for the sweeties when they finally come inside…. all red faced and hands frozen! It’s also not bad in an emergency….. must…have…chocolate… moment. (not that I’ve EVER had one of those.) Enjoy! 3 Minute Brownies 4 tablespoons … Continue reading

Menu Monday: The World Famous….JUICY LUCY

One afternoon as I was avoiding housework spending some quality time at my parent’s house this show came on the t.v……     Two small town restaurants were “warring” over who had the best…JUICY LUCY. Photo Credit Juicy Lucy?? Minne-Makover has a post about the “Juicy Lucy” HERE… Oh my. Photo Credit Yikes.   And then … Continue reading

Menu Monday: Easy Roast Chicken

I love my crockpot. Have I mentioned that I love my crockpot? It sits on my kitchen counter, giving out warmth on a cold winters day…..and each time I pass by I get that warm fuzzy feeling that dinner is “taken care of”. I just love my crockpot. EASY ROAST CHICKEN 1 whole chicken aluminum … Continue reading

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