Do It Yourself Gift Ideas…

It’s time to start thinking about the “smaller gifts”….you know what I mean, the kid’s teachers, Sunday School teachers, neighbors, the mailman, aunts, uncles, etc.

I know someone who leaves their garbage man a cooler with sodas in it EACH WEEK!  The garbage man, in turn, brings her cooler and trash cans up to the house for her!  (That’s love, people.)

Well, in case you need any ideas, here are a few!  Don’t be afraid to “change things up”!  Use old pickle jars, spaghetti jars, whatever you can find will work beautifully!   Even if you just layer nuts, chocolate chips, and marshmallows, put a bow around it and label it “Trail Mix”… really is the fact that you THOUGHT about them that makes it special.

Here’s to showing lots of LOVE this year.  🙂

Cocoa in a Jar…

Sunset has recipes for Mexican Cocoa, Classic Cocoa, Mocha Cocoa, and Peppermint Stick Cocoa… HERE..

Money Saving Mom has a great site with Do It Yourself Projects each week.. These SMORES IN A JAR look like so much fun!

Find the recipe HERE…

The “Squakfox” has a bunch of great jar recipes with printable tags… Here’s one for “Smores in a Jar”…

Find this recipe and printable tag HERE

Use Chocolate Chips instead…

Find this one at KidsWorld HERE…

More Smores in a Jar….

Find this recipe HERE

And who knew it was all the rage to make “Smores in a Jar” with PEEPS!

Christmas style….find directions at DesignsWithHeart   HERE…

Easter Style…

Great Job 24 7 Moms!   See the recipe HERE…

And while I know all of us don’t “celebrate” October 31st the same way…


Ya gotta admit these are CUTE!!  Thanks, Tatertots and Jello!  Find hers HERE…

Hot Cream Cones!

Thanks Designs With Heart! Find instructions and printable tags HERE….


And Amy’s Finer Things gets the prize for EASY recipe of the day!!….. three-ingredient Pretzel Turtles.

Have fun, don’t stress, and hope you enjoy.

Always remembering Christ who was born to be a ransom for our sins,


One Response to “Do It Yourself Gift Ideas…”
  1. Amanda B says:

    Oh I have made the pretzels with the rolo and nut on top……THEY ARE DELISH!! And, So very easy. People I give them too always ask for the recipe and if they were hard,lol. I’m almost embarrassed to tell them just how easy they really are! Again, thanks for sharing your ideas!

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