Top Tip Tuesday: Never Buy Napkins Again! (and a giveaway:)

One day, as I was pulling my wonderful, awesome, Bum Genius diapers out of the dryer, I had an epiphany.  “You know,” (thinks I) “If I am able to wash my cloth diapers each week….there is no reason why I can’t do the same with NAPKINS!”

That afternoon I went down to my basement fabric “stash”, found some blue calico, and went to work.  (I actually went to my mom’s house- since she has a serger!)

That was months and months ago, and now I wonder how I ever did without them.  Some daily uses include:

  • Wiping sticky hands at dinnertime
  • Wiping runny noses
  • Lining the bread basket
  • Lining the french fry bowl/ pork chop plate
  • Quick counter wipe-ups

Basically, anything I would have used paper napkins or paper towels for, these wonderful napkins have taken the place of!  I haven’t bought any paper products since.

Here are some photos of cloth napkin stashes from around the web…

for the orderly, matching type….

for the “homespun” look….

Put ’em in a napkin holder…

Build a huge stash, so you’ll never run out…

Get all “cute” with it…

Or….”fashionably sheeky”…

I like to have A LOT, so I know I won’t run out.  When they are dirty, I just throw them in the laundry room and wash them with the rest of the “colors”.  I keep them in a cute little basket in the kitchen, low enough for everyone to reach.  ** Just a note- when I use them for “grease”, i.e. french fries, etc…I throw them in the soapy dishwater before washing them.

Which leads me to my first ever GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

My mother in law came into a huge load of FREE fabric recently, and I grabbed a huge hunk of red & white check fabric to make me a “new” napkin set.  There is a TON of fabric, so I thought why not make a second set for a GIVEAWAY!!!


So here we go, this giveaway is for 16 red check napkins, mailed to your door!   (I’ll put the names in a basket and have my husband draw a name on Friday…)  Here’s how to ENTER: (Choose one of the following) 🙂

  • Leave a comment telling how you think you will most use these…
  • “Follow” this blog on Facebook or by Email and leave a comment that you do…
  • If you already follow this blog, leave a comment saying that you do…
  • “Share” this post on facebook and leave a comment telling me that you did…

Be sure to leave a comment (down at the bottom of this post)  for each entry.  I’ll announce the winner on Friday, December 18th!

(Wish I could personally give each one of you a stack of napkins and also give you a squeeze around the neck)…


18 Responses to “Top Tip Tuesday: Never Buy Napkins Again! (and a giveaway:)”
  1. Melinda says:

    🙂 I love giveaways! I always read your blog, but I now am a follower and I shared and I would use these cute napkins to wipe noses, hands and at the lunch table (Oh, but I think I would wash them in hot water with some vinegar to disinfect after using on noses ;)). Thanks for the giveaway!
    p.s if I win, I’ll save you the postage and pick them up from you!

  2. I follow your blog 🙂 I really love all of your tips! I recently made the switch to cloth wipes for my 1 year old and love not wasting money!

  3. Shannon V says:

    I have just started following your blog and I love it! There is always great information! I would most use these napkins for my kids’ sticky hands and faces at the table.

  4. Shannon V says:

    I am also receiving email updates now. Keep up the great work!

  5. Amanda B says:

    Love Love Love your blog!!! How exciting that you are giving away those darling napkins! Can’t wait to hear who the winner is and how they plan to use them. I know around my house (we have three boys) napkins are a MUST. I’m constantly cleaning up spills, water off the floor from snowy shoes, messes on both the kitchen counter and bathroom sink, a cool cloth on my babies heads when they have a fever etc. You name it, we use them! Thanks for allowing someone to win such a fun and much needed gift!


  6. Tiffany S says:

    Cute idea! I now have a sewing machine and could actually do this! We go through napkins like crazy. I use them for anything and everything. Mostly wiping up spills and messes, cleaning or on my children’s faces and hands. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m glad Mindy posted about your blog!

  7. Jennifer Jessen says:

    Just found your blog and would love to enter the giveaway! I would definitely use these at meal time – we have 2 kids (and 1 on the way), and we go through a LOT of napkins! I love your idea, and I can’t wait to get started!

  8. Steve and Patty says:

    I have been following your blog and today I shared it on facebook to enter your giveaway. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts and printing the “free” coupons you post. I would use your cloth napkins for potential spills, faces, and cleaning my computer monitor so I can see your posts more clearly :). Have a great day!

  9. Krista Delaney says:

    I follow you on facebook and I so love all your great ideas. I am constantly telling my hubby, hey, we have to try this. I have been wanting to switch to cloth napkins for a while now. But I haven’t been able to find a really good deal on them pre-made and I haven’t had the time (or energy) to make my own. With 5 children ages 6 and under, seriously, I’ll use them for everything from hands to noses to spills to actually napkins for dinner (how pretty that would be!). I already use cloth diapers and wipes so napkins seem like the next logical step. 🙂 Keep the great ideas coming!!

  10. Heather Jean says:

    Thanks for the tips Melissa! I’ve been enjoying your blog but just signed up to join. I’ve been thinking about doing the cloth napkin thing, but just never got started. Maybe I’ll have to make it my Christmas break project?

  11. Jason Vaughn says:

    Just posted to facebook.

  12. monica bizelli says:

    Love love love these!!!! Definitely helps decrease waste too! And you’re so crafty… I had to buy mine…

  13. I totally steal from your site all the time! Especially your dinner recipes! I would use the cloth napkins instead of buying 7 million dollars in paper napkins. It would save us a fortune and I would never be able to make my own!

  14. Kathy Hoelzer says:

    Hi Melissa, Yes I am a follower of your blog! I too have switched to cloth napkins for most things. I still miss paper towels but the savings is worth it. We had been blessed to have several sets of pretty nice napkins. I only used them for company or birthday dinners. I finally decided to use them all of the time, The problem is that I need more. I ran out this weekend and was scrounging around looking for some unfolded laundry.
    I have to agree with Mindy on disinfecting the ones used for snotty noses. I just read an article about bacteria not washing out of laundry especially when you use cold water like I do. Vinegar is a good disinfectant.
    I could really use a new set of napkins and I would also save you the postage and stop by or just have Mindy stop by if I won. I would also share the gift and give half to Mindy.

    BTW – I have a HUGE stash of fabric if you need some more. I do not have a serger.

  15. Amanda Clover says:

    Love the idea. We use a dish towel every night at the dinner table to wipe our hands. We are a family of 5 and all share the same towel,..we just pass it around as needed! Weird I know. Anyway, I would love for each of us to have our very own napkin to wipe our hands on….haha! If I don’t win I’m going to have to make my own!

  16. Laurie H says:

    I am so excited to read more of what you write! I just have to stop knitting long enough to get on here! 😉 Hope I win the napkins!

    Have a Blessed Christmas, Melissa!

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