I’m Gearing Up for Game Day…

Tomorrow morning at about 7:00am you’ll find me doing jumping jacks….running in place…..doing a few “air” punches…. I’m gearing UP.

Let me explain.

Three nights ago, at about 11:00pm, I was laying in bed working on a Christmas Stocking and waiting for my husband to come up.  I waited….and waited….finally he came upstairs with a band-aid across the bridge of his nose and muttering, “Well that was an adventure.”

He was getting a log from outside to put on the fire, and as he quickly picked up the log, he got SMACKED in the face!  Apparently there was a branch on the other side of the log.  (I didn’t laugh, no….not me.) 🙂

He tried to super glue his glasses to no avail, so the next day he drove around with no glasses.  Not fun….

Then yesterday he came home from work WITH his glasses on…..taped up in the middle with white tape….bent up and crooked on his face….(Now you KNOW I didn’t laugh at him at this point!  Okay, I’m laughing right now even thinking about it!–And don’t forget the BAND-AID that is still gracing the bridge of his nose through all of this…) 🙂

Soo, yesterday I came across THIS great deal:  CoastalContacts is GIVING AWAY 10,000 pairs of FREE GLASSES tomorrow, Dec. 17th, beginning at 9:00am Eastern time.  (8:00am here).   Here’s the scoop:

  • “Like” their facebook page, and find the coupon code under the tab “Free for All”
  • Go to their site, and pick out the glasses you want. (They suggest you have 3 or more frames picked out just in case they run out.)
  • Have your PRESCRIPTION on hand as well as your PD (pupil distance).  I called Costco (where he got his last pair) and they gave me this info.
  • Be one of the first 10,000 people to order.  You will have to pay Shipping & Handling (usually between $12-$15) with a credit card.

They even have a handy-dandy little tool where you can upload a photo and “try” your frames on to see how they look!  This would be great if you wanted to try out a “new style” for a second pair of glasses as well!  (They have children’s glasses, too!)

Alright, folks.  I’m pumped.  I’ve got his prescription.  I’ve got five frames picked out.  I’ve gotten to know that website like the back of my hand.  I’ve pre-registered.  I’ve even “practiced” checking out to make sure there will be no surprises…. (geez, I’m starting to scare myself here) 🙂

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow, it’s FREE FRIDAY, and there are some cute freebies this week!  Also, I’ll be announcing the winner for the Free Napkin Giveaway!  (Click HERE to enter if you haven’t already!)

And by the way, in all this “silliness” of free glasses….there are no worries.  The Lord will provide.

He always does.  🙂

HE is GOOD.  (Free glasses, or not. )  🙂

Love you,


*****UPDATE 12/17********* (I got the glasses!!!!)  🙂

4 Responses to “I’m Gearing Up for Game Day…”
  1. Melinda says:

    You sure do make this fun, girlie!

  2. knittingprose says:

    Yay for new glasses! : )

    • I know, I’m TOTALLY excited. He just has to wear the old ones until they come on or around Dec.31st! Ha! He has switched from the “tape” approach to the “hunk of superglue painted with black paint pen” approach. It’s a better look for him. 🙂

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