Look What Came In the Mail Christmas Eve…

**note**  I will probably be changing my blog background for the New Year….just wanted to forewarn any of my “regular” readers.  All 2 of you….(hi mom! 🙂  )

Remember my poor, pitiful husband (aka: Mr. Wonderful) and his broken glasses problem?? (The taped together in the middle look wasn’t working for him, so we went ahead with the “glue gun” approach- with the hunk of glue painted black with a paint pen.  Much better.)  🙂

Well, “game day” wasn’t near as bad as I expected…. it took me 2-3 times “checking out” and spending some time in the “virtual waiting room” before my order went through, but I GOT THEM!!!   (AND we got our first choice of frames…..HAPPY ME!!!)

Our expected delivery date was December 31st, but on Christmas Eve…..look what came in the mail!!

(I soo wish I would have found them in the mailbox FIRST, then I could have put them under the tree the next day!)

But we were way to excited to wait……

Ooooo…….Ahhhh….. (come on, lemme hear ya’……)

Notice the fog forming on the lenses.  (It was cold outside:)

And without further adieu…..

Sorry girls, he’s taken.

Even came with a handy-dandy cleaning cloth!

As well as a little tool to tighten them….a cloth case…. and a hard case.

When he put them on for the first time, he breathed a hearty, “Ah, that’s better” sigh.  You don’t notice how scratched up your old glasses were until you put on your new ones!

So here are the details of what I paid:

Kam Dhillon 3013 Black (Frame Style)

Suggested Retail Price:  $225.00

Their price:  $68.00

I Paid:

  • Frames & Lenses:  $0.00
  • Shipping: $12.00
  • Scratch Resistant Coating/UV Protective Coating/Glare Proof Coating: I added all three (Optional)   $11.90
  • My final price:  $24.98!!!

Now for the good part:  check out Coastal Contact’s current facebook status..


We’ve noticed our fans frequently ask “when’s your next free glasses giveaway?!” Truth is we haven’t planned another one. But, since so many of you liked our last giveaway, we’ve decided to do another one in the 2nd week of January if we can get our “likes” up to 100,000! So, if you haven’t had the chance to snag a free pair of glasses yet, tell all your friends to “like” our page & your wish just may come true!on Tuesday

Woo Hoo!!  Here’s your chance!  (Those who have already received glasses are not eligible), but you could get some as a “second pair”, or save them to give as a gift!  How fun would that be?

Check them out on facebook….HERE.

And while I am extremely grateful to Coastal Contacts for their generosity, I am ultimately grateful to the LORD, who supplies ALL of my needs according to His RICHES in CHRIST JESUS!!

With a heart OVERFLOWING with thankfulness,


And because Christmas is not yet fully out of my system, allow me to leave you with some Christmas Eve “cousin love”……

(Oh boy, there goes my heart leaping with thankfulness again….)

4 Responses to “Look What Came In the Mail Christmas Eve…”
  1. Ashley says:

    Zenni Optical is good too! Mine were $12 shipping included.

  2. Amanda says:

    I can guarantee you have more than 2 readers 🙂

    How exciting on the glasses coming early and what an amazing price! Can’t beat that! He looks great in them too. I guess you never REALLY know until you receive them how they are really going to look, but wow they really do look fabulous. Nice Job!

  3. Paul says:

    Happy holidays to you and a great year in 2011. The glasses look stylish and it is reasonably priced too.

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