The BOOK that has saved me THOUSANDS…

What is the no. #1 enemy to frugality?  DISCONTENTMENT.  It seems that just as we get one project finished, our mind starts scanning to find the next thing or project that “REALLY” needs replaced, refinished, or remodelled. 

On one hand we are filling our God given charge of being “keepers of the home”.  We indeed want to make a beautiful, warm, and cozy space for our family here on this earth.  We want to create a haven where love and peace can flourish….and of course we are always wanting to improve upon it!

The problem comes in when we find ourselves finding our ultimate SATISFACTION in our THINGS.  Things will NEVER satisfy.  Yes, we might receive that initial “buzz” when we first get that stainless steel refrigerator we’ve been wanting sooo badly, but we ALL know that refrigerators can only thrill us for so long… 🙂

As children of God, we can only look to ONE place to find true satisfaction.  THE WORD.

As someone who has been in church “pre-natally”….I’ve heard a million times how important it is to read God’s Holy WORD.  As life is a journey, I’ve experienced many different stages in this area.  Times when it was easy, times when it was difficult, and times when I’ve somehow in the back of my mind felt  as if reading my Bible daily would “give me some standing” before God.  I have been puffed up by my successes, and felt defeated in my failures.

Well, we live and learn, don’t we?  Let me try to encourage you if you (like me) have felt defeat after defeat in your failure to read God’s Word ENOUGH.  Sister, there IS no enough.  You could read your Bible for 8 hours faithfully every day, and you would not gain ONE BIT in your standing in God’s eyes.  Let’s remember Isaiah 64:6… “and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags”.  Yet miraculously, when God looks upon us, what does He see?  RIGHTEOUSNESS.  How is this possible?  When God looks at his redeemed children, HE SEES THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST.  Now….let’s all do a little gospel, Woo-Hoo, Hallelujah, Praise God, DANCE around the room, (and when we are done, come back and read the rest of this article!!)

Back?  Me too. 🙂  Okay, here is why we WANT and NEED to be in the Word.  Remember this verse?…

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  John 1:1  Did you hear that?  “WORD WAS GOD”.

Wowzer.  The  WORD…..WAS…..GOD…. If we want MORE…..if we want true SATISFACTION….we MUST go to the WORD.

If you think you know about God, but haven’t read the Word much, all you REALLY know is what you have HEARD about God.  You MUST go straight to the Source for truth.

It will fill you up.  It will satisfy your thirst.  It will tell you the TRUTH.  It will show you what is REALLY important in life.  It will bring you great JOY.  It will bring CONTENTMENT.  It will “enhance your frugality” because you won’t be LONGING for more THINGS.  You have already been filled by the BEST “Thing”. 🙂

Who knew reading the Word could save us money? 🙂

Love you, Sister.


Some resources that are very helpful to me:

Bible Gateway    (click on highlighted words to see this site.  GREAT FREE resource to look up verses, and has an online daily reading program. There is even audio listening, great to listen to while working in the kitchen)

The Word of Promise (Click to find it on Amazon.  The Bible, but with actor voices and great sound effects.  Think of it as an “Adventures in Odyssey” Bible version for adults)  🙂

“Daily Reading Bible”  (Click to find on Amazon.  There are many types of daily reading Bibles….go to Barnes and Noble and you’ll find a bunch.  This is the one I have and I love it.  I am not able to keep up -I’m WAY behind- but I’m okay with that)  🙂

2 Responses to “The BOOK that has saved me THOUSANDS…”
  1. Dolores says:

    This is just soooo true. I remember when I was first married, each week I would scan the ads that came in the paper to see what was on sale. What did I see? All the things I just HAD to get that week, they were on sale after all and I better get them while they were cheaper. After a while God showed me exactly what you note here, discontentement was the root. I stopped looking at those ads unless I had a true need for something, or I am checking for items to double up coupons for that I actually need. And when I do have a true need, I look around my home first to see if I can re-purpose something I own, then check resale or even borrow it if the item is a temporary need. Many times pray for God to give me the item I need to fill a purpose. He most often answers by showing me something I already have that I can use, and also often has someone give me what I need. Our Father loves us so much, how can we be discontent with His marvelous gifts?

  2. Great reminder to ask the Lord to supply our needs, Dolores! Thanks for the feedback!

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