To Stock Up On This Week: It’s TUNAFEST!

I would like to take this moment to thank all of my “Lent observing” friends for something very special this week.  Because of you…. TUNA IS ON SALE!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!  I love to keep a stock of at least 24 cans of tuna (on sale $.50 or less tuna, that is) in my basement for our … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Francis Chan Challenges Me….AGAIN.

If you haven’t heard our brother Francis Chan yet…. now’s your chance. Just about every time I hear him speak, my faith is challenged.   So, if you’re in a hurry…’s a good little short snippet for you.   And if you’re not, check this one out. He tells why he decided to give his … Continue reading

And in Other News…..(The EasyBake Oven Scandal)

  While I missed the whole “Easy Bake Oven” thing as a child, my little girl is quite enjoying the one I picked up for $8.00 (brand new with mixes and all) at the Sale….. It served it’s purpose as a “big” present on Christmas morning, and to quote her, “It’s a lot more fun … Continue reading

A Cheaper Way to Make…..BROWNIES {Jar Mix Series Pt.1}

A couple of months ago, I came across a post called “Baking Shortcut- Make Your Own Mixes,” about putting your bread machine ingredients in jars ahead of time…..what a great idea!! That got me a’thinkin.   Why spend money on things like “brownie mix,” when I am sure it would be cheaper to make it … Continue reading

Free Friday: (3/04)

  Welcome to Free Friday!!  Enjoy!!     $1 off Dial Hand Lotion Coupon (FREE Hand Lotion at Walgreens!)     “Like” Dial on Facebook and get a $1/1 Dial Hand Lotion printable. Walgreens has the trial hand lotions for $0.99, so you can pick these up FREE after coupon! Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom! **NOTE**   The … Continue reading

Dancing in the Minefields….

Photo Credit   (The following statement is true….) My husband is so wonderful.  He really is.  He loves the Lord and is an incredible man of character.  I love him so much. (The following statement may or may not be true…) My husband and I have always had a “smooth sailing” marriage.  We never argue … Continue reading

What I am **Stocking Up** on This Week……

While I have our grocery shopping done for the next two weeks, I love to look at the ads and see if there is anything out there worth “stocking up” on!  (I mean like…..MAJOR stocking up here!)  I have some shelves in my basement and I love to stock them with “sale price” food.   … Continue reading

Why I Am Frugal…..

Photo Credit Frugal Christian Living.   That’s pretty much what this little blog is all about.   I wanted to do a post listing some of the reasons why I am frugal. But before that. Please let it be known that I struggle with plenty of things.   Plenty.  If you only knew.  🙂   (So thankful to Jesus Christ who … Continue reading

Good Deal Alert: 3 Redbox Rentals for $1 (Groupon)

Good deal alert!!  Have you used “Groupon” yet?  It’s AWESOME as long as you only use it for really GREAT deals!   (I have only used it for Redbox/Blockbuster codes and once for an gift card…..) Well, anyhoo…..  Here’s one that I LOVE to see pop up!  Get 3 Redbox rentals for only $1.00! … Continue reading

Getting Pumped For Tomorrow….All I Have is Christ!!

Photo Credit   I love grace. I could never be reconciled to God without Him extending Grace to me. Ever. I’m that bad.   I love this song. and…. I love you. Know why? ‘Cause you’re my sister.  (Okay, or maybe my brother.) We are bonded together by a “tie” so strong, it cannot be … Continue reading

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