Wake Up Wednesday: Francis Chan Challenges Me….AGAIN.

If you haven’t heard our brother Francis Chan yet…. now’s your chance. Just about every time I hear him speak, my faith is challenged.   So, if you’re in a hurry…..here’s a good little short snippet for you.   And if you’re not, check this one out. He tells why he decided to give his … Continue reading

Dancing in the Minefields….

Photo Credit   (The following statement is true….) My husband is so wonderful.  He really is.  He loves the Lord and is an incredible man of character.  I love him so much. (The following statement may or may not be true…) My husband and I have always had a “smooth sailing” marriage.  We never argue … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Training Our Children

  Photo Credit Smack dab in the middle of our sermon last Sunday, Love and Forgiveness in the Body of Christ, (which I highly recommend, by the way)….. our pastor made this point: “There should be a ban in your home on reality television where people are fighting and backbiting.”  (I’m paraphrasing here):) It’s just … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Meet Bob Jennings

Photo Credit           A while back, Brother Bob Jennings came and spoke at our annual “Camp Meeting.” (By the way, if you’ve never experienced a Camp Meeting…..just picture several days of non-stop preaching, kids playing, good eatin’, loud singing, and crowded halls filled with lots of love and good fellowship!) (Okay, … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Keith Green

  Photo Credit Okay, so I know I’m a little late to the “Keith Green” party, but better late than never, ay? Growing up, all I knew about Keith Green was that he was a Christian singer who sang cheesy Christian songs.   Until one day I stumbled across this video. Now his cheesy songs … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Samuel….

Have you seen this photo?   I’m sure I have, but never the story behind it. Julie and Alex Armas found out through an ultrasound that their baby had spina bifida. (His brain was misshapen and his spine not fully closed.) Julie (a labor and delivery nurse herself) began researching the condition on the internet, … Continue reading

Wake Up Wednesday: Meet Trevor Johnson…

I’d love for you to meet Trevor.  He came one Sunday night and gave a little talk to our church body.    His wife is Teresa, and his kiddos are Noah and Alethea.  We didn’t get to meet Teresa, she was at home with sick kids. Malaria. Again. Here is the view from where they … Continue reading

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