How to Re-use Your Left Over Bread Bags….

Know what’s not fun?  (Besides your kids getting the stomach flu three different times in three weeks?)  Oh wait…I digress…. When your family all arrives at your house for a “smashing” birthday party, and you realize…….I forgot the ICE!!!! And you have to send your wonderful husband out on a mad dash to get some…. … Continue reading

Cooking Spray: A Cheaper Way!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days, I’ve been dealing in…. Doctors, ultrasounds, vitamins, more doctors, ultrasounds, blood tests, and now progesterone… And thankful for all of it. 🙂   Back to saving money…..   So you know that “cooking spray” that makes frying, baking, and general cooking soo much easier??   (Of course, … Continue reading

A Frugal Breakfast….CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS! {Jar Mix Series Pt.2}

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite mixes to have on hand….. Chocolate Chip (or) Blueberry Muffin Mix!! I like to make 3 or 4 of these mixes at once, and then I’m “set” for the next couple of weeks! My wonderful mother in law found some blueberries on sale (at Aldi), … Continue reading

And in Other News…..(The EasyBake Oven Scandal)

  While I missed the whole “Easy Bake Oven” thing as a child, my little girl is quite enjoying the one I picked up for $8.00 (brand new with mixes and all) at the Sale….. It served it’s purpose as a “big” present on Christmas morning, and to quote her, “It’s a lot more fun … Continue reading

A Cheaper Way to Make…..BROWNIES {Jar Mix Series Pt.1}

A couple of months ago, I came across a post called “Baking Shortcut- Make Your Own Mixes,” about putting your bread machine ingredients in jars ahead of time…..what a great idea!! That got me a’thinkin.   Why spend money on things like “brownie mix,” when I am sure it would be cheaper to make it … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, My Son…..Lego Style…..

Nine years old.   How did this happen?? I guess that’s a question all of us mama’s ask ourselves at one point or another….. “What kind of party do you want this year?”  Asks me. “I think I want a………Lego party.”  Says he.   So here I go with my frugal self off to research … Continue reading

Menu Monday: The Most Amazing Stroke of Chocolate Chip Genius EVER

I like Superbowl Sunday.   Never mind the fact that I had not yet seen a single game of football all year. Never mind the fact that it really made no great difference in my life who the winner would be.   I like any excuse to get together with my brothers and sisters. I like … Continue reading

Laundry Folding Series: Underwear Folding (Pt.5-final)

  SewChicandUnique has a tutorial HERE…. And for the “grand finale” in the Saturday laundry folding series……. **trumpets** underwear folding.   Yes, I went there. Hey, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.   I use this method…….   But from all the videos I saw on YouTube……all the cool kids are doing it this … Continue reading

How to Refill Your Swiffer Wet Jet Bottle…..For Free!!

Photo Credit   I used to have a Swiffer Wet Jet… was lovely.  I loved seeing all the dirt on the bottom of the refill pad. Made me feel useful. But then, alas, I just got plum tired of spending money on refills. So, I tried to sell it in a garage sale. But no … Continue reading

Laundry Folding Series: How to Fold a T-Shirt in 2 Seconds {Pt.4}

Photo Credit Japanese T-Shirt folding……. Who knew??   (And I think we’ll wrap it up next week with…..drumroll…..I can’t believe I’m even saying this…..underwear folding.) I know… who folds their underwear, anyway? Well, I do, actually…(after watching the video, that is). And…..I’m pretty sure I just crossed some kind of line here…. So….. Enjoy!! (You … Continue reading

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