Good Deal Alert: 3 Redbox Rentals for $1 (Groupon)

Good deal alert!!  Have you used “Groupon” yet?  It’s AWESOME as long as you only use it for really GREAT deals!   (I have only used it for Redbox/Blockbuster codes and once for an gift card…..) Well, anyhoo…..  Here’s one that I LOVE to see pop up!  Get 3 Redbox rentals for only $1.00! … Continue reading

My Marshmallow Creme Dilemma….

Last night, as I was cruising the isles of Save-A-Lot….(one of my favorite pastimes I must say), at the end of the baking isle I spotted THIS….     Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme.  What was unusual about that, you ask?  Well, it was marked down…from $.99….to $.50….. Ooo….ooo….Good Deal Alert!!!!   Should I stock up?? … Continue reading

Good Deal Alert: Groupon- 5 Blockbuster DVD Rentals for $2

  An awesome Groupon deal if you like to rent a movie every once in a while……5 rentals for $2.00…..and they don’t expire until May, 2013….giving you TWO YEARS to use them!  (That’s only $.40 per rental):) I like to have these handy for Friday family nights, or to pick up after dinner on a … Continue reading

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers…..(Free & Cheap)

I love my babies.  I hate buying diapers.  (That’s a strong word, I know, but I think it accurately describes my relationship with buying disposable diapers.) I can just feel my body cringe just imagining myself at the store, reaching up for a $14.00 package of diapers that I know will just end up in … Continue reading

**New** FREE Redbox DVD Rental Code

Free Redbox DVD Rental Code   Here is a new FREE Redbox Movie Rental Code – QM4KTX6. Thanks Mojo Savings, and thanks, Kelly @ Kansas City Mamas!   P.S.     ***I suggest you always jot down these codes as well and bring them with you as a “spare” in case the code doesn’t work::  BREAKROOM and  DVDONME … Continue reading

Before You Use That Gift Card…

Before you spend that groovy gift card that only 1.3 million of us bought the other day………. Make that deal even sweeter by signing up for the 3 month free trial of Amazon Prime to get FREE SHIPPING on your purchase!   Find out more HERE….. (and make sure to change your account settings to … Continue reading

Good Deal Alert: Post Dispatch Sale….$.23 per paper (Today Only)

This is a good deal if you are a “couponer”….I’ve been paying $2 per paper at Save-A-Lot, so this would pay for itself in 2-3 weeks. It could also be an even better deal if you got the $40 Shop N Save gift card and used it on one of those “Spend $50 and get … Continue reading

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