And in Other News…..(The EasyBake Oven Scandal)


While I missed the whole “Easy Bake Oven” thing as a child, my little girl is quite enjoying the one I picked up for $8.00 (brand new with mixes and all) at the Sale…..

It served it’s purpose as a “big” present on Christmas morning, and to quote her, “It’s a lot more fun when your mom doesn’t help you!”

I found a couple of recipes online to make it a more “frugal” experience.  My favorite being:

3 TBSP of regular box cake mix + 1 TBSP Milk= 1 Easy Bake Cake Mix!!

(And I’m here to say that even if you are out of milk….1 TBSP of water does the trick just fine!)  I dumped a dry chocolate cake mix into an old “butter tub” and keep it in the fridge, so she can bake her little heart out anytime she pleases…..


*Enter bad news*

As I was talking with my mom on the phone recently, she tells me, “I saw a news story…..All of the Easy Bake Ovens will be obsolete soon because they won’t be selling 100 watt lightbulbs anymore.  The next time you are out… need to STOCK UP on them!”


And shore nuff, here is what Hasbro has to say on the subject….

We are aware that the 100-watt incandescent light bulb will no longer be available beginning in 2012. In Fall 2011, Hasbro will launch the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven, introducing a new way to bake for the next generation of chefs. This new oven features a heating element that does not use a light bulb and offers an extensive assortment of mixes reflective of the hottest baking trends for today.


Well, shucks.  Oh well.  At least Save-A-Lot has 100 watt lightbulbs 4 for $.88…..

So… if you do happen to have an Easy Bake Oven…. and you don’t have a significant stash of 100 watt lightbulbs on hand….


Mama says to stock up.

Thanks for the heads up, Mama.

Love you,

2 Responses to “And in Other News…..(The EasyBake Oven Scandal)”
  1. Anita says:

    Crack me up. So they are going to make those little ovens really heat up! LOL

  2. Sophia says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I never thought about this, and I have two Easy Bakes (one for each child). I’ve also given a few as gifts over the last two years, so I’m thinking I should go buy out my Save A Lot … 🙂

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