What I am **Stocking Up** on This Week……

While I have our grocery shopping done for the next two weeks, I love to look at the ads and see if there is anything out there worth “stocking up” on!  (I mean like…..MAJOR stocking up here!)  I have some shelves in my basement and I love to stock them with “sale price” food.   Now that I’m shopping from our basement for MANY of our food items, our grocery bill is going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!

This makes for $1.33 per jar….not bad I say!  Almost worth it to make a trip up there JUST for it…..

My kids don’t regularly eat cereal for breakfast, (too expensive for my taste) but my Mr. Wonderful does…..(Someday I’ll be a better wife and get up early to cook him a proper breakfast……)


I like to stock up on Hamburger Helper for those days when I don’t have anything else or not enough time for anything else!!  (Call it our “eating out” splurge) 🙂   Save-A-Lot has it for $.99, but I’ll check this one out for the wide variety of flavors that Save-A-Lot doesn’t carry!!!


I stocked up on these last time they were $1, and we have really enjoyed them!  They are SOO easy to make, and there are actually TWO packets in each box……making it a $.50 side dish.  Score!

I stocked up on cake mix at this price a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t need this one yet!  Save-A-Lot cake mix is $.99, so this isn’t an “out of this world” deal, but I liked getting the “confetti” kind that Save-A-Lot doesn’t carry.  I got 12 boxes, and have already used 4!  (I made a LOT of Lego cupcakes last week…..)  🙂



This is the kind that has the “squeeze” cheese you add to the noodles….my kids like it for lunch!   (It’s also good with a dollop of salsa thrown in for the mamas:)  I bought a case the last time they went on sale for $1  (usually $1.39) in the fall, and we JUST ran out.   I’m pretty excited to stock up again!!

These are GINORMOUS boxes!!  I saw them at Walmart for $2.99, but they are $2.49 at Save-A-Lot temporarily.  AND….you can print some $.50 off coupons…..HERE!


Saving money for the Glory of God,


One Response to “What I am **Stocking Up** on This Week……”
  1. Christian Documentaries says:

    General Mills Cereal is on sale for $1.66

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