Top Tip Tuesday: My Favorite Site (for 2-7 year olds!)

Have you heard of yet? 

One day when my Mr. Wonderful got home from work, he told me about it.  He had been working in a home where some preschool aged children were happily using the site, and he was so impressed that he wrote down the site name and said I should check it out!

Well, I checked it out…and I loved it!!   We use it ALL THE TIME now!

The homepage looks like this……



We pretty much just use the “ABC” section right now.  You click on a letter, and your little guys can take it from there 



They just look for the stars, and “click” on them.  Starfall takes it from there!


It’s super cute and the kids love it.  I let my 6 year old “play” on it after we do our reading lesson each day.  I just choose the corresponding letter to what we have already worked on for extra practice.

Now I’ve discovered that my two year old LOVES to sit on my lap while I “work through the clicks.”  I just repeat the sounds or words, and he repeats after me……so cute!!


They even have printable worksheets for each letter for extra practice…


Check it out!   This would also be a great site for grandparents to “bookmark”…  (It never hurts to have spare activities handy!) 🙂

Find it HERE…


Let me know how you like it, and if you have any other great learning sites you like to frequent!

Training and teaching our children for the Glory of God,


2 Responses to “Top Tip Tuesday: My Favorite Site (for 2-7 year olds!)”
  1. Paula says:

    We love Starfall at Victory. Kindergarten and 1st grade both use it. For 2nd grade and up we love Dance Mat Typing (part of the BBC school system so he has a funny accent ) and has great puzzles and logic games under Arcade games. I don’t care much for the other ads that pop up but it hasn’t been a huge problem for us so far.

  2. Jamie says:

    This is for older kids, but have you heard of Project Gutenberg ( or LibriVox ( Project Gutenberg is a site where you can download public domain books for free. LibriVox has audiobooks of public domain books. LibriVox is completely done by volunteers who donate their time reading aloud and proof listening.

    And if you see an audiobook that has more than version, it’s because the latter version(s) have one of their better readers. Pretty cool, especially if you can’t or don’t want to drive to the library, or make a special trip to a larger library or university for a more obscure book.

    If you use iTunes, there is a way to make the files play as audiobooks. I don’t remember how off the top of my head, but you can google it.

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