Diapers, Diapers, Diapers…..(Free & Cheap)

I love my babies.  I hate buying diapers.  (That’s a strong word, I know, but I think it accurately describes my relationship with buying disposable diapers.)

I can just feel my body cringe just imagining myself at the store, reaching up for a $14.00 package of diapers that I know will just end up in the trash.


That’s what prompted me, nine years ago, to try cloth diapers with my oldest.

How hard could it be?

Until I found out that a cloth diaper won’t hold everything in.  You had to use the dreaded…. plastic pants…

**dun dun DUNN……**

Not fun….. “I quit!”


I gave it a second try six years ago when my little girl came along.  “I can do thisI can DO this!!”  I prompted myself.

And I did. For three months, I used the old cloth diapers with pins for the first layer, a diaper cover for the second layer, then the plastic pants for the third and final layer.


It was like running a marathon at every diaper change.

I felt like I should be getting some kind of a metal for what I was doing.


And forget about getting Mr. Wonderful to change THAT kind of a diaper….

He’s not that Wonderful.


So two years ago, when our “Little Bud” came along, I was skeptical.

Until I began hearing friends “rave” about their cloth diapers.

You see, in the past five years or so, in the cloth diapering world….


a miracle has happened.

Somehow, somewhere, a miracle fabric has been invented that has changed cloth diapering… forever.

No more plastic pants.

(Wait, can you hear that?  It’s me thundering around my kitchen doing a little “happy dance”.)


So my friends, allow me to introduce you to my new best friend…..



Photo Credit

**Tear**  Beautiful, aren’t they??

Yes.  And it gets better.  The “One Size” Bum Genius have snaps along the front….enabling them to be snapped to ANY SIZE.   Yes, the same diaper that will fit your one month old, will also fit your TWO YEAR old.


Photo Credit

They have velcro tabs, and so you just put them on like you would a disposable diaper.

A cloth diaper that Mr. Wonderful will gladly change.

Well, almost gladly. 🙂


Now, such diaper AWESOMENESS does not come CHEAP, of course.

At around $18 per diaper…..to be exact.

That’s why when we were expecting our “Little Bud,” that’s ALL we asked for. And through church baby showers, Christmas gifts, and our wonderful parents…..

We didn’t have to spend a dime.

Photo Credit

(They come in all sorts of groovy colors, too!)

Now, I know what you’re thinking.


What about……you know……POOP??


Well, lemme tell ya.  For the first several months, it’s not even an issue.

It’s not until they start eating solid foods, that it becomes, well, gross.


That’s where my second best friend comes in.


Sold at Cotton Babies…HERE!

This, all powerful, jet powered sprayer, hooks onto the side of your toilet, and sprays away any and all grossness.

Ingenue Mom talks about her sprayer...Here!

Of course, you will have to explain to company what that THING is on the side of your toilet…..but that’s okay.

Small price to pay. 🙂



Now, for those who are still paying money for diapers….

My awesomely lovely and beautiful sister, Laura (my actual biological sister, that is….:)  sent me this message, which might be an encouragement to you….


I’m sharing a saving tip for disposable diapers. AMAZON has diapers way cheaper than anywhere else. There are ways that you can find coupon codes or save extra money on their site. Today, I didn’t have a coupon code OR use the extra savings and still got diapers for .10 each. (They are usually about 23 cents each diaper). Plus free shipping.
Here is a site that gives extra tips for those interested.


The Thrifty Couple explains how they use Amazon deals coupled with stacking coupons to get the BEST deal on diapers….HERE

pampers $2 off coupon on amazon

They gave the following scenario (originally from Dan’s Deals):

amazon 1


Now, will you be able to get this deal every time?  No.  But it is a great example of how it works!

Who knew?   Diapers from Amazon.com!  You go, sisters!


However we choose to deal with diaper loveliness, let’s remember this….


Billions of people in this world don’t use diapers.   They simply hold their baby out and let them do their duty out on the street.

We are very blessed, sisters.

Very blessed, indeed.


Dealing with dirty diapers for the Glory of God,



P.S… Sorry if I rambled.

P.S.S…Thanks for loving me anyway.  🙂


2 Responses to “Diapers, Diapers, Diapers…..(Free & Cheap)”
  1. Tarah Chambers says:

    Lovin’ the bumgenuis too!!!

  2. krista delaney says:

    i love my bum genius!! this summer with 3 in diapers, i could use the same diaper for each kid by just adjusting snaps, really! it was beautiful. cotton babies does a yard sale once or twice per year where mommas come and sell their gently used diapers. great way to save some money. also, you can buy all the parts you need for a diaper sprayer from your local hardware store for about half the cost of the pre-assembled bum genius one. just a little extra effort to assemble and attach. and those really cheap baby washcloths make terrific cloth wipes.

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