Laundry Folding Series: Underwear Folding (Pt.5-final)


SewChicandUnique has a tutorial HERE….

And for the “grand finale” in the Saturday laundry folding series…….


underwear folding.


Yes, I went there.

Hey, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.


I use this method…….


But from all the videos I saw on YouTube……all the cool kids are doing it this way….

But don’t worry. I love you whether you fold your underwear or not.





One Response to “Laundry Folding Series: Underwear Folding (Pt.5-final)”
  1. Thanks for linking my underwear roll tutorial i fold all our undies this way. I love doing this because not only can i find them easily but they take up less space too!

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