How to Refill Your Swiffer Wet Jet Bottle…..For Free!!

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I used to have a Swiffer Wet Jet… was lovely.  I loved seeing all the dirt on the bottom of the refill pad.

Made me feel useful.

But then, alas, I just got plum tired of spending money on refills.

So, I tried to sell it in a garage sale.

But no one wanted it.

So, I stored it in my garage for approximately three long years.

But then I got tired of tripping over it.

So…..during a wild and crazy cleaning streak……I mustered up the courage to just throw it away.   I must say, it felt good.

(Take that, you money sucking appliance, you!)


Then, recently, our sweet and wonderful sister, Jaimie B. told me about this video: How get the cap off your Swiffer Wet Jet bottle, so you can refill it yourself….


I want my Wet Jet back.



(Thanks, Jaimie)  🙂


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