Wake Up Wednesday: Meet Bob Jennings

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A while back, Brother Bob Jennings came and spoke at our annual “Camp Meeting.” (By the way, if you’ve never experienced a Camp Meeting…..just picture several days of non-stop preaching, kids playing, good eatin’, loud singing, and crowded halls filled with lots of love and good fellowship!)

(Okay, how long till this year’s camp meeting again?  I’m ready now…)



When our brother Bob Jennings got up to speak for the first time, I was unprepared for what I was about to hear.

You see, Bob looked so plain.

He spoke in such an even tone….

He wore a plaid shirt, with suspenders.

He looked so…… well, ordinary.

But by the time he was done I was speechless. Here was a brother who was concerned with pleasing the LORD, not MAN.

Shame on me.

Since that camp meeting, Brother Bob Jennings has been diagnosed with cancer.

Life is so short, brothers and sisters.

To Die in Christ is Gain….

This one is really good, as well…

“If you could live again, what would you change?”


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