Our Frugal Valentine’s Day….{Pt.1}

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I like Valentine’s Day.   For us, it’s just a little bit of “special” right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of “normal”.

Can I share with you what will almost inevitably take place inside our cozy little home on Valentine’s Day?   (Try not to get your hopes up.) 🙂


First, the children will lazily trudge down the stairs, rubbing their eyes…..their brains not yet processing that it is indeed February 14th.

They will go about their daily duties, meandering aimlessly around the house….

and then…...they will see it.

On the dining room table, on top of a piece of scratch paper with their name written on a big ole’ heart…..


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“Sweet Hearts.”

Quite possibly the grossest candy ever known to mankind. (In my humble opinion, that is…..) 🙂

There will be squealing.

There will be jumping.

There will be happiness beyond expression.


And what will bring them the most joy in all of this??

Waking up their two-year old “little bud” and telling him all about it.

(Sweet Hearts were courtesy of Save-A-Lot……4 boxes for $1.00)

That was my big Valentines Day “splurge,” by the way….


(Quite often Mr. Wonderful will write a note to each little one and put it with the candy hearts as well.    Aaaaand, that is why he is Mr. Wonderful.)


This year I am also going to try to implement an idea I came across while “blog surfing”…..


ResolveToSimplify puts little hearts with encouraging messages all over the house……what a super idea!!

I just love this idea. It’s so sweet, and so………cheap.


Then she makes special heart pancakes for breakfast.  (I think the trick is to make the batter thicker than normal, and using some kind of a ketchup/mustard bottle to “draw” them…)  You can read her whole post…HERE!


Later in the day, my sweet daddy might just stop by with more sweet tart “grossness” for all.

(I’m sorry, I just can’t stand those things.) 🙂

But I can’t explain how much I love getting them from my dad.

“Sweet Hearts” ROCK……when they are from your daddy.

Just sayin’.


And to top off the festivities, somewhere around the week before or the week after, Mr. Wonderful and I will have a most excellent time going on a date.

A real one.

(Every year we save the gift card that mama puts in Mr. Wonderful’s stocking for Christmas.  Guaranteed date that way!)

(Thanks, Mama.)

This year it will be……Red Lobster……

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Oooo……Ahhh…….(C’mon, lemme hear ya!)

Okay, I can tell you aren’t as excited about this as I am.


So with our $25 gift card….

And this coupon I found…..


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And both of us ordering water to drink…..

And me bringing some of these handy-dandy drink packets (left over from camping last fall) in my purse….

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We might just squeeze by with only spending $1.00 for Valentine’s Day this year.


Thanks to Save-A-Lot.

And my mama and daddy.


Love you guys.

Starting to get super duper uper excited about Valentine’s Day around here,



P.S.  By the way, would this be a good time to ask you guys to babysit??

Just checkin.



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