Menu Monday: Melt In Your Mouth….Butter/Sugar Cookies (Valentines Day Style!)

(I must first confess.  These have little to do with “frugal,” and nothing to do with “Christian,” but I would definitely put them into the “living” category…)

Around Valentine’s day a couple of years ago, at the close of our home group, our wonderful Mrs. Paula brought out a plate of these…..

They were buttery.  They were goodness.  They were melt in your mouth buttery goodness.

“Oh Mrs. Paula”……says I.   “These are like those soft sugar cookies you can get at the bakery…..only ten times better!”

The next week, she gave me the recipe.


(I just love my Mrs. Paula) 🙂

She then told me two things about these cookies.

  1. You’ve got to use real butter (if you want them to be the best they can be).
  2. This recipe is top secret.  Guard it with your life.


So now, I’m passing the baton to you……my dear sister.   Use real butter, and….

guard it with your life.



Blend together: (like you would a pie crust mixture)

  • 6 cups flour
  • 1 lb butter

In another bowl cream together:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs

then add to the egg mixture:

  • 4 tsp. vanilla
  • 4 tsp. cream of tarter
  • 2 tsp. baking soda

Add the two mixtures together.

Bake @ 350 (until light brown around edges, 7-10 minutes)


And for those who like more detailed instructions……

Add 1 pound of butter to 6 cups of sifted flour….

In case you were wondering, 1 pound of butter is 4 sticks.

Yeah, I know.

(hee hee…)


Mix it together like you would a pie crust mixture.

I happened to use a pastry cutter….

In a separate bowl, mix 4 eggs to 2 cups of sugar.

Now add the other “stuff”:  4 tsp. vanilla, 4 tsp. cream of tarter, and 2 tsp baking soda…

(I hope it doesn’t matter that I only had 3 1/2 teaspoons of cream of tarter….)

Or that it happened to be left over from my grandmother’s cupboard.

Who died 13 years ago.

And who also very rarely cooked, which would probably make this cream of tarter 15-20 years old.

At least.

But I digress.

(And really, what does cream of tarter actually do, anyway??)

Add the egg mixture to the flour mixture….

Mix ’em up!

At this point, if you don’t want to make a gazillion cookies, you can wrap a softball sized ball of dough in plastic wrap and throw it in the freezer….

I threw three softballs in the freezer.

(When you are ready to use them, just take them out the night before and put them in the fridge overnight to thaw.)

Roll the dough out on a floured surface…

Roll out to about 1/4 inch thickness and cut out with a cookie cutter….

I made hearts for Valentines Day…..


Now, bake them at 350 degrees until the edges lightly start to brown!

Cool them on a sheet of tinfoil…..

And top them off with some icing and sprinkles!  (One softball sized piece of dough made 24 cookies by the way…)


I’m thinking we should just stop playing games with ourselves and start calling these by their rightful name…..

butter cookies.

Love you, (enough to pass my top secret sugar butter cookie recipe to you)



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45 Responses to “Menu Monday: Melt In Your Mouth….Butter/Sugar Cookies (Valentines Day Style!)”
  1. Paula says:

    I hope you didn’t throw away that tin. I remember the days when spices came in tins & have a few from my Grandma’s kitchen. They remind me of her as I work away.

  2. Mollie says:

    I use cream of tarter to make play dough all the time. Also, some of those tins are collectors items. You just never know. 🙂

  3. Kathy Hoelzer says:

    These sound great! I think I will try them. BTW – Cream of Tarter still comes in a tin. I use it to make play dough and snicker doodles. I will most likely just make all of them instead of “throwing” some in the freezer. By the time I share with the little ones and my hungry husband there won’t be many left for me!

    Thank you!
    Isn’t it nice to have small remembrances of our loved ones!

  4. Candi says:

    It’s good for meringue cookies too.

  5. Amber Kidd says:

    how do you make your icing?? Is it just homemade cake icing & if so how do you get it to harden so that cookies do not stick together if stacked on top of each other??

    Thanks!!! I have a little one who makes to make cookies for his v-day party next week & these look great. It also does not hurt that we are expecting a snow storm (in the south!!) & may need some indoor projects to keep us busy the next couple of days. Thanks again!!

    • I put some powdered sugar in a bowl, and added a “glob” of melted butter. Then I added just the “teensiest” amount of milk, until it was the right consistency! (Sometimes I don’t even need to add milk.) I read that you should store/freeze them with wax paper between the layers to keep them from sticking together…..have fun! 🙂

  6. Kindra says:

    Yummy! I’m craving some sugar cookies now! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh they look so delicious. Very pretty too. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Roselee says:

    So delicious! I have been craving sugar cookies with frosting for a few days now, and saw your photo on The Girl Creative. Can’t wait to try out such a secret recipe! 🙂

  9. Tammy says:

    Can’t wait to try thiese out–YUM!! I love butter cookies and sugar cookies!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Becky says:

    If they are as tasty as they are pretty…then you’ve got the winner…they are so yummy looking!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  11. PartyMom says:

    Yum! I’m a fairly traditional girl, and love a good sugar cookie (though I can’t stand the ones from the grocery store!) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  12. Lisa says:

    This is it! I’ve been looking for the perfect recipe to make those really soft and buttery cookies you get in the store that are SO addicting! Please tell us about your pretty and delicious frosting!

    • Yay, Lisa! The frosting is just a bow full of powdered sugar, mix in a “glob” (between 1-2 TBS?) of melted butter and stir. If it’s too thick, just add the teensiest amount of milk…(maybe a tsp at a time) until it’s how you like it! Enjoy!

  13. I have to say Mrs. Paula’s cookies sound and look delicious (and so do yours), but with a hubby with heart
    problems they would never fly in this house!! Too bad Though.
    You did a fabulous job, they came out really cute, and I am sure if you have children in your household
    and a hubby they are beyond thrilled.
    Blessings for a Sweet Valentines Day,

  14. Pam says:

    Yeah! I’d planned on searching the web today for a recipe like this, but saw this on Someday Crafts! My husband LOVES this kind of sugar cookie-my usual recipe is great, but is the flat crispy kind. Thanks for sharing!

  15. These look delicious, and exactly like those I pay top dollar for at the local market. Thanks for the recipe!

  16. ozarkmomma says:

    Oh my those look amazing. I think I may just have to make some for Valentines day. Thanks for passing this on!

  17. Andrea says:

    those look so good, I wish I had one right now! I love the hearts and the pink frosting for valentine’s day. And it looks like this recipe is easily halved? thanks for sharing!

  18. Hop on over to the Party! Would love for you to link-up @

    The Treasurista
    Finding and Creating FUN things…

  19. Hi, I'm Suz says:

    I can’t wait to try these! I love these kinds of cookies! Thanks for sharing the recipe!! I won’t tell a soul!!! (today 🙂 )

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  20. Amanda says:

    Oh boy do these look DELISH!!!! I may even try switching out the Vanilla extract for Almond 🙂 Thanks!!!

  21. Hi! I host a weekly blog hop — It’s a Keeper Thursdays. I’d love for you to stop by and link up!

    Christina @ It’s a Keeper

  22. Yum! My mouth is watering just looking at these. Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden. I’ll be featuring these on Saturday!

  23. Thanks so much for the cookie recipe. I think that I have this one, but I haven’t made it in years…obviously it’s time to try it again. Happy Valentine’s Day. Cherry Kay

  24. Looks great! Perfect recipe for Valentines Day.

    I’d love to have you stop by and link up with Sweet Tooth Fridays!

  25. Wow, those look delicious!

  26. Janay says:

    You really cracked me up with your cream of tartar story!!!! The cookies look scrumpdillyicious,,, and if they’re close to those soft supermarket cookies (my personal fav!) I’m going to love these!!!! I like how you can throw the dough balls into the freezer too!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  27. Tanya says:

    Butter and sugar are equally yummy to me, so call them whatever you like — but thanks for sharing the recipe! I’ll try a batch this weekend.

  28. These look so good…my husband was just talking about these the other day. I think I am going to make a batch for him to take to work!

    Can I ask…Is there a secret frosting recipe? =)

  29. Rachel says:

    These look heavenly… I reviewed a simlair recipe on my blog the other day… and lets just say I will not be making them again anytime soon or I will be the goodyear blimp. please come link this to our party over here:

    Have a great weekend!

  30. Jennifer says:

    Oh, so yummy! We have a special “Mrs. Paula” in our church who every child considers family. It must go with the name! These cookies look fabulous!

  31. absolutely love butter cookies and these looks yummy! thanks for sharing.

  32. Carlee says:

    We made these saturday, and frosted them yesterday, and let me tell you… THESE WERE THE BEST SUGAR COOKIES I HAVE EVER TASTED. PERIOD… My family thinks so too, we may have gained five pounds but it was totally worth it.

    I mentioned you and this recipe in my post today.

  33. Jerri says:

    Your cookies look yummy!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites. I’m featuring you this week. Come by and grab my featured button if you’d like one!

  34. Molly Byrd says:

    These are the best sugar (butter) cookies. hands down. they make great jam thumbprints too. thank you for sharing–this one goes into my hall of fame recipes. and the frosting was perfect too~

  35. Grandma A says:

    Instead of just freezing the cookie dough in balls, roll it into the shape of a cylinder and cover with saran wrap so it is airtight–then freeze. When you want to make more cookies, just slice the dough into 1/4 inch or so slices. You can make as few or as many as you want; just be sure to recover the unused dough airtight. Bake as usual, although you will probably have to adjust time a bit since the dough is still frozen. How thick you make the cylinder is up to you; I usually do about 2 1/2 inches. This is a quick and easy way to keep fresh cookies around. Of course, if you still want to do shapes, this won’t work. By the way, this trick works with almost all types of cookie dough.

  36. Camille says:

    Gosh these cookies were delicious! Thank you so much!!
    God Bless! 🙂

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