The Cutest Shirt I’ve Ever Seen? Why, yes. Yes it is.


JustDrinkACoke has a pretty fabulous tutorial on making this “most cutest shirt ever” using only an old shirt, and a piece of ribbon. See the full tutorial….HERE.


C’mon girls.   We can SO do this!

A couple of notes……

  • If you don’t have red or pink ribbon, you could cut up an old shirt/item of clothing, sew up the edges and use that instead!
  • Look at the photo tutorial closely, you sew down the middle of the ribbon, not the sides.  (The type of ribbon she used almost confused me…)
  • You could just as easily do this by hand!


If you had more than one little girl, it would be so totally adorable to make matching shirts!!

And can’t you just hear everyone…..


“Aww, that shirt is sooo cute!”

“Thanks. I made it.”


You GO, sister!



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