Top Tip Tuesday: How to Make New Candles Using Your Leftover Wax!


I love my candles!

I also know how expensive they can be….

That’s what prompted me to devise a plan for that little bit of wax always left over at the bottom of my candles…..

Why not reuse it to make MORE CANDLES!!


So here’s what you’ll need….

  • a candle warmer (around $5.00 at Walmart)
  • candle wicks  (Hobby Lobby or Michaels- don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon!!)

You’ll also need a jar….(save the original, use a mason jar, or even an old salsa/pickle  jar will work!)

These are the ones I’m “harvesting” the old wax from…..

Put the old jar on the warmer……

When the wax is completely melted, take your new wick….

dip the metal part into the hot wax….

(Please ignore any and all ugly fingers you may come across in this post….)

(Sorry, public service announcement.)

and anchor it to the bottom of your “new” jar.

Give it a few seconds (maybe even blow on it a few times….)

and pour the rest in!

There it is!   Soo Easy!!

(Now, at this point, take a napkin/paper towel/toilet paper and WIPE out the old jar while the wax is still hot… wipes clean much easier this way.)

You can make your candles all one color, or give it the “layered” look just for fun!

And don’t worry if you can’t finish a whole candle at once, I always have at least one or two candles “in progress” in my candle drawer!


Enjoy, my frugal friend!



P.S.  There is a way to make your own “wick”…..I think it involves some twine and a paper clip.  (Google it!)

P.S.S.  You can also use old wax from a “pillar candle”…..just put the wax in a jar to melt it on the warmer!


One Response to “Top Tip Tuesday: How to Make New Candles Using Your Leftover Wax!”
  1. Anita says:

    This is a wonderful idea. On a different subject. My mom does something similar with bars of soap. She collects the tiny little used soaps in a jar and when she has enough she melts them on a candle warmer and pours herself a new bar of soap. She found a soap mold at hobby lobby I think.

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