1000 Gifts: A Day in the Life….#28-?

“…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you…”

God’s will for me……to be thankful.  To be content. How often I miss the many gifts he gives me each day, because I am thinking about what I have or don’t have.

The best way to be frugal, is to be content.

A few of the many gifts I received this week:


#28.  Favorite dresses.

#29.  A little girl fascinated with all things “Little House on the Prairie,”  including the dress mama made for me when I was her age.

(Yes, I have officially been “cloned”.)


#30.   Concerts.

(It was actually pretty good, too!  They had co-ordinated a piano part to go with the guitar’s “demo mode”…)

#31.  A helping moment…

#32.  Another concert…..

We got to hear that concert about ten times in two days.

I smiled every time.

(And clapped. Lots of clapping…)


And finally….

#33.   I’ll let this next moment speak for itself.


And that just proves it.


Homeschoolers  aren’t  weird.


at all.


Very truly thankfully,



P.S….Feel free to add some of your own thankful moments in the comments section!

P.S.S.   Can’t wait to hear from you, Amanda!!:)

P.S.S.S…..Click below for more lists!

3 Responses to “1000 Gifts: A Day in the Life….#28-?”
  1. Amanda says:

    34. Snow Days! Yes, I said it…….Although I am one of the many ready for the warmer weather, I do enjoy waking up and having breakfast together as a family. It’s so hard throughout the week to have a sit down breakfast (even if it’s cereal!) when one leaves the house for school 6:30am, one at 7:45am and then the little one gets up around 8:30ish. Yes, I love those Snow Days!

    35. My Weekend Coffee in bed. I love it! Not sure how it all started but every weekend whom ever gets up first (my honey or I) gets themselves and the other coffee and brings it back to bed. There is just something about snuggling in a comfy bed with a nice yummy cup of coffee on a chilly morning. The kids even join us now and then!

    36. Learning from my momma. I’ve been writing all of my mom’s (and her mothers) recipes that she (they) made while we were growing up. Really made me think about all the things my mom has taught me and how much of me has grown to be just like her. What an example….From watching her cook or Reading her bible daily…..A good reminder of what an example I am to my children.

    37. Hugs! Yep, Hugs! It doesn’t matter how old you are (even 14 year old boys!). Sometimes, you just need a hug. Actually I think they are somewhat magical. This week we have had a few moments of melt downs (even from the 14 year old, hey 14 can be a hard age!) Well, it doesn’t matter how mad you are, how upset you are, how much you “think” everyone is against you……I reach in and give a hug and somehow….Yep SOMEHOW they eventually hug you back and love every second of it! Ahhhh a hug can fix just about anything.

    38. Husbands that can cook!!! I was able to sneak in a nap late this afternoon and woke up to an amazing smell. Tonight my honey made the best burgers with melted provolone cheese, onion and BBQ sauce on an Onion Bun. Not sure if they were actually so wonderful because they tasted so good or if it was because I didn’t have to cook them. What a surprise!! What a treat!!

    39. Last but not least, Melissa! I have enjoyed reading this Blog everyday. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts, your recipes, you new Finds and Freebies, and your Godly Examples. You are such a wonderful sister in Christ. Love you!

  2. JD says:

    No, we’re not weird. We’re creative! LOL

  3. Simon says:

    To God be the glory, great things he hath done, is doing and will continue to do in our lives. The bible says; “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Philippians 4 v 6)

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