Got Debt??

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I’m a skeptic at heart.   If something is being sold on television I automatically assume it’s junk.  Why am I like that?

Maybe it has to do with the high quality“steamer” Mr. Wonderful and I bought from an infomercial when we were first married that turned out to be a cheap piece of plastic.

But I digress.


And I was never going to have to use my iron again…..

(And…..apparently I’m not over it…..)




I had heard of Dave Ramsey, but it wasn’t until a friend/brother from church gave a RAVING review of how he went from $20,000 in debt, to completely debt free in a year or so that my ears really perked up.

Now, we weren’t $20,000 in debt, but we had incurred (what most people would consider a small) amount of debt on our credit card that we wanted to take care of.

We borrowed “The Total Money Makeover” from a friend……and sure enough….within a matter of months… was taken care of.


I recommend this book.




You can find it on his website…HERE

At any Christian bookstore…..


Or better yet, shoot an email out and see if someone has it already.


And if you REALLY want to be inspired, read the book, and then listen to Dave’s radio program online every day.

There is just something encouraging about hearing people call in with their (way worse than your) financial woes.


Yes, I have issues.


Love you, (enough to admit that I had need of this book)



P.S…..Give a “shout out” in the comments section if you have had any experience with this book as well!

5 Responses to “Got Debt??”
  1. Paul says:

    I am the “But Dave says…” guy at our house. I am so blessed to have discovered Dave Ramsey and if I had done so sooner would be in a even better financial situation today. I have read his book more than once, and listen to his podcast almost everyday. His financial advice is biblically based and applies to everyone. For those that haven’t heard of him or read his book, get on it!

  2. Kim Mills says:

    I haven’t read that book or listened to Dave’s radio show, but I have heard of people taking his Financial Peace University classes. We don’t have a lot of debt, just our house and a small loan really, but I didn’t feel like we were on the right track of how we spend what God gives us so we started taking the FPU class online and I am loving it. We have a plan to get a few little things paid off and start saving to buy a vehicle with cash. I totally recommend Dave’s plan to financial success because it will give you peace in your finances, marriage and life!

  3. Jason Vaughn says:

    Interesting. From a marketer’s perspective infomercials are one of the greatest resources for great products because it is such specific advertising.

  4. Jennifer says:

    This book has changed the way my family views finances. Which was not an easy task. You see I work in the Financial Service Industry and I thought I knew what I was doing. We were constantly restructuring our debt to make it “cheaper” per month without actually paying anything off. Which is what every lender will tell you to do. This eventually spiraled out of control. We ended up in a position where we could not make ends meet. We made a few tough decisions and several sacrifices and we are in a much better position now. We no longer try to keep up with the Jones because… The Jones are broke. Read this book. You wont regret it. 🙂

  5. Krista Delaney says:

    Terry and I are huge Dave Ramsey fans! after reading both total money makeover and financial peace revisited, we tackled some nasty consumer debt that had been sorely neglected after taking some very bad advice. since march of 2009 until now we have gone from 42,000 in debt to about 20,000. what remains are some students loans from terrys undergrad. we have not accurred additional debt in that time even though we had one child develop some significant health problems, a special needs baby born to us and another very healthy baby born. and it isnt just about getting out of debt but its also about changing the way you view money. taking charge and making your money serve you instead of you being a slave to your money. huge mindset change and we are beyond blessed by it!

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