Top Tip Tuesday: Make Your Own SCARF {A Tutorial}

(Photo Credit for feature image HERE…)


I just love the body of Christ, don’t you?

I love the way that God designed for the older women to teach the younger…..  how awesome that they can learn from our mistakes!

Like…..if I were to tell the young girls in the body something along the lines of……

“It’s not a good idea to go and kiss every nice Christian guy who took you out, and pledged his love to your forever”…..  that would be learning from my mistakes.

Of course, I am TOTALLY speaking hypothetically here.




And I can learn so much from them, too!

Like.….. when it’s after church on a Sunday night and I am surrounded by a dozen of my beautiful, fashionable, young sisters, I can say something along the lines of……

“Okay girls,  so what are you guys wearing now?  My world consists of washing diapers, cooking three meals a day, dishes and laundry.  Please just tell me what I should be wearing.”

And….they did.

Thanks girls.

I love you.

Just Another Day In Paradise shows us how she made this braided scarf out of an old maternity sweater…..HERE {Great job!}


This next one is an example of what my young sisters would call a “Junkie Scarf”.   (Did I get that right, girls?) 🙂

Made By Lex has a fun tutorial on making this Decadent Cashmere Scarf from an old sweater….HERE {Amazing!}


Here’s another one at Made By Lex…’s mostly about tye dying the scarf, but I really like how she demonstrates how to fringe regular fabric…...HERE


And this young sweetie has a tutorial on “finger knitting” a scarf….how fun!


Thankful for CHRIST, who has adopted us and made us sisters…..


P.S…More to come!!


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