Menu Monday: The World Famous….JUICY LUCY

One afternoon as I was avoiding housework spending some quality time at my parent’s house this show came on the t.v……



Two small town restaurants were “warring” over who had the best…JUICY LUCY.

Photo Credit

Juicy Lucy??

Minne-Makover has a post about the “Juicy Lucy” HERE…

Oh my.

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And then I saw how they were made…..

No way…… I can totally do that.

Photo Credit

Fold your cheese and place it on top of a thinly made hamburger patty…..

(My much less “glam” version below….)


Place another thin patty on top and squeeze the edges together…..

I had a picture of me “squeezing the edges together” , but my very un-manicured hands/fingers were way too vile to post on a public forum.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Now cook them up like you would your normal hamburger…….

Notice I used the word “cook” instead of “fry”…..(makes it sound healthier).




And the finished product……

{Choir Singing}

I used half American cheese and half Swiss…. (and don’t worry if you have a “blow-out”, it’s all part of the fun.)

And don’t be surprised if your husband and children start spontaneously singing praises about the day you were born.

They are THAT good.



(World’s Greatest Hamburgers has a great tutorial HERE…)

{There goes that choir again}






2 Responses to “Menu Monday: The World Famous….JUICY LUCY”
  1. Paula says:

    We saw this about a year ago – and I have made the juicy lucy (ies?) a few times. And yes, they do have to be fried! Tried grilling, and the cheese dripped away. I had a hard time with them because you need to make pretty big burgers to get enough meat around the cheese to keep it in. I really felt like the cheese should stay in the burger…but the guys didn’t seem to care. My oldest, Tony, asks for these often.

    Hmmmm, maybe I should make him some again soon.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love making these!!! I use provel cheese 🙂 I have actually grilled mine several times and didn’t have problems with the cheese coming out anymore than I do in the frying (oops I said the “F” work,lol) pan. I love them either way!!! Delish!! I haven’t actually made them in a while, thanks for the reminder 😀

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