“Repurpose” that FLEECE!


Our friend Jaimie B. had the most marvelous idea…..She cut up some old fleece pieces she had to use for DUSTING!! How clever!

And one great thing about fleece….it doesn’t ravel, so there is no sewing necessary! She suggests that for a more “fancy” edge, just use pinking shears if you have them….

When dirty, just “pop” them into the washer and they’ll be good as new.  And in the case that you don’t keep a “stash” of fleece lying around…..no worries!  You can cut up some old sweatshirts/sweatpants or that fleece blanket you got for Christmas that you never liked anyway!


(And no mom, I’m not talking about the one you gave me…..

I like………..polar….bears…)

Photo Credit

“Fancify” your edges….

Poppytalk made a whole blanket, but I’m “seeing” a duster as well….


And look what is selling on “Etsy”…..

See more pics of this item HERE….

(C’mon girls, we’re smart.  We could figure that out……)


Or maybe a more “simple” model would be more our style….

Great job, Urban Homesteader!

(Okay, so they weren’t actually made to be dusters.….but I’m totally feeling it)


And the prize for the most “ingenious” use of fleece as a duster….

You ROCK, Curbly!

Yes, my world has officially been “ROCKED”.


And now, I must go.


There is an old “Swiffer” somewhere in my garage that has been abandoned long ago due to my unwillingness to purchase refills.

I think I can hear it calling to me……


Dusting for the Glory of God,



P.S.  Thanks, Jaimie.

P.S.S…If you have a frugal tip or idea, send it our way!   We love to learn from each other!!


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