Wake Up Wednesday: Meet Trevor Johnson…

I’d love for you to meet Trevor.  He came one Sunday night and gave a little talk to our church body.    His wife is Teresa, and his kiddos are Noah and Alethea.  We didn’t get to meet Teresa, she was at home with sick kids.



Here is the view from where they live…..

Yeah, I know.

Here is a picture of one of his neighbors…..

And some more….

His neighbors all live in treehouses.

Why?  Due to the fear of witches, of course.

Good thing Trevor isn’t afraid of heights….

(so much for “maximum occupancy”….)

And transportation…..

His neighbors don’t have to worry about the rising cost of fuel at all…

But Trevor does.

This is Trevor’s house….

Every morning, Teresa stands on the porch, and bangs on a metal pan with a spoon.

That’s the signal……the “porch” clinic is open.

You see, Teresa is a nurse.

So is Trevor.

There are no shortage of health needs….not to mention the killings performed in the name of  “eradicating witchcraft”.

“Lots of sickness.  Probably dissentery.”  – Trevor (This little one died along with his mother shortly after this photo was taken.)

(Prolapsed rectum and malnutrition.)

This little cutie is Yamis Ta-il.  He’s five.

His tribe thought he was a witch.  They were discussing how best to get rid of him (drown him or go downriver and leave him in another village).

He was tied up and barely fed for two weeks when Ainus, (a tribe evangelist), brought him back to Trevor and his village.

He is now being cared for by nearby Christians, (Jimi & Perin).

PICTURED: Jimi giving Yamis a haircut. Doses of malaria and worm medicine are to follow, plus some new clothes and a hearty meal.

While Trevor does teach, he is not a pastor.  Instead, he pours his efforts into training the local tribal leaders…..which will produce more fruit in the end.

“Hard to pray when the cassowary wants to peck your head”

Village church has its challenges. To include pigs running through church and the pet cassowary trying to enter services. -Trevor

A little fellowship before the meeting….. (us women love us some fellowship)

Teresa is also a “homeschool mom”.    (:: fist bump ::)

(Alethea wants to join in the fun…)

This is Noah giving his public profession (that Christ has saved him) in front of the church..

(Excuse the roof….it blew off last week….)

He says, “Daddy, you are old and will probably die sooner than me. But I am young and I might live a long time. This means that God can use me a lot longer. I want God to use me”

I love the “hold the nose” approach.   Warms my heart.

I’m not sure, but I think Daddy is happy.

So are his friends.

So, I’m totally feeling like a spoiled, selfish, little “brat” now for what I posted yesterday…

Have I ever mentioned that I live in a bubble?

I’m considering this my weekly “kick in the pants” to attempt to burst that bubble.


Remind me, sisters and brothers…….remind me.

Love you,




Read more about Trevor and Teresa on their family blog….HERE

Be “friends” with him on his facebook page…..HERE

Give to Trevor’s efforts….HERE

Hear Trevor’s message for yourself…..

One Response to “Wake Up Wednesday: Meet Trevor Johnson…”
  1. Melinda says:

    kinda makes my fizzy water taste funny now…thanks for posting this.

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