Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts….(#19-?)

“…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you…”

God’s will for me……to be thankful.  To be content. How often I miss the many gifts he gives me each day, because I am thinking about what I have or don’t have.

The best way to be frugal, is to be content.

A few of the many gifts I received this week:

#19.  Brothers & piggy back rides…..

Savoring this moment.

#20.  Finally (after 14 years of hearing all about it from Mr. Wonderful’s wonderful family)  playing my first ever game of “Aggravation”.

Photo Credit

It was, in fact……aggravating.



Photo Credit

#21.  The extreme joy and pleasure I felt as I “knocked” my father-in-law back to the start right as he was just about to win an hour-long game.

Then laughing hysterically about it right in front of his face.





I have issues.

#22.  Mr Wonderful’s famous “day off” french toast….

Photo Credit

(hence, the name:  “Mr. Wonderful”)


#23.  Sweet wide eyes peering at you from behind a safe shoulder during a Sunday morning sermon…

Photo by: Billy Jackson

Beautiful fleeting moments.


Thank You, Lord.

(frugalchristianliving)  🙂


**Help add to our list in the “comments” section, below.  This journey is twice as nice with you on it…..

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One Response to “Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts….(#19-?)”
  1. Amanda says:

    24. This week has been wonderful. I’m very thankful this week for the Lord bringing my nephew back home from Mississippi. Looking forward to him worshiping with us on Sunday morning!

    25. Callbacks! I had a callback this week for another show I auditioned for. Where there is a callback there either is or isn’t an offer…..This week I was offered the leading role.

    26. Thankful to smell. Yes I said SMELL 🙂 Sitting on the couch with my youngest son sitting next to me…..I came across one of those smells that you close your eyes and just take it all in. It was HIS HAIR! There is nothing like bedding your face in your child’s hair a few hours after they’ve been bathed.

    27. Good friends. Had some friends over this week to play games, eat, chat and to just enjoy each others company. I love special times like these.

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