Menu Monday: Easy Roast Chicken

I love my crockpot.

Have I mentioned that I love my crockpot?

It sits on my kitchen counter, giving out warmth on a cold winters day…..and each time I pass by I get that warm fuzzy feeling that dinner is “taken care of”.

I just love my crockpot.


  • 1 whole chicken
  • aluminum foil
  • salt & pepper

Step #1:   Take the chicken that Mr. Wonderful got from THE BOX….

(You know those yummy rotisserie chickens they have at Costco/Sams?  NOT a bad deal….unless you can get yours half price, that is)

Step #2:  Roll up 4 balls of foil and put in the bottom of your crockpot….

(This is to keep it from sitting in its juices and falling apart)

Step #3:  Place chicken on top of foil balls…..

(Don’t forget to remove the giblets from his belly!)

Step #4:  Add a little water (**Update** no water needed!) & salt/pepper and let him cook all day….(best would be high for one hour, and low for 4-5 hours)

Step #5:  Take the lid off and admire your “work”…..

Step #6:   At this point, in order to give it that beautiful crispy golden outside, you’ll want to transfer it into a roasting pan, add some water, and “roast” it in the oven (400 degrees or so) until it looks good….(maybe 20-25 minutes)

(because as we all know…….presentation is everything)

Step #7:  Pretend that everything went as planned.

Great job, Dinner Diary

Please admire the beautiful photo (above) and pretend that my chicken turned out likewise.

Please do not be shocked at the appearance of my ACTUAL chicken….

Please pretend that Mr. Wonderful didn’t get home way late and the chicken didn’t cook too long……

Please pretend that when I attempted to “transfer” my chicken it wasn’t so tender that it fell into a million pieces….

And if you could please pretend away the grotesque coloring of this nighttime photo I would be much obliged.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

And because I cannot stand the thought of leaving you with the above  image in your mind…..

Way to go, Dinner Diary!

So glad for grace when things don’t go as planned…..


P.S….No worries, I’ve made this recipe several times before and it does work if you don’t cook the chicken too long….. 🙂

5 Responses to “Menu Monday: Easy Roast Chicken”
  1. Amanda says:

    I think we may have this for dinner this evening. I love the foil idea! Thanks!

  2. Kathy Hoelzer says:

    Thank you for the tip about the foil. That is a trick I didn’t know about. Is the chicken tender or does it get stringy?

    Do you think there might be another item that you could use for the aluminum foil so you could be sure nothing leached into the food since you are cooking it so long. I know there have been some recent concerns about aluminum foil.

    Thanks for your hard work putting this blog together every day!

  3. Anita says:

    Instead of using the foil balls, wrap potatoes in foil and put under it. Than you have baked potatoes and roasted chicken. ; )

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