Laundry Folding Series: folding SOCKS (pt.1)

One Saturday as I was catching up on laundry….. (wait, I never actually “catch up” on laundry….lemme start over…)

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One Saturday, as I was doing laundry, I came across the most fabulous video on sock folding.  This video has changed the course of all sock drawers in my house….forever.

Now. I know that sock folding is an art form that is passed on from generation to generation.   You probably learned this delicate craft from your dear mother.  But just in case her method isn’t quite workin’ for ya…..

I’m about to present an alternative.

Don’t worry, your mother will still love you.

(But in the rare case that your mother is the kind who would come to your house, see your sock drawer, and look upon this as some sort of deep betrayal…….you should probably NOT change up the old family sock folding recipe. Just sayin’.)

Instead, just wait for next week’s video:  “How to fold your bathroom towels so they look plump and pretty like in the magazines”…….(She’ll love that one.)

How To Fold SOCKS….

(You will be directed to watch it on YouTube.  No worries.)


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3 Responses to “Laundry Folding Series: folding SOCKS (pt.1)”
  1. Kathy Hoelzer says:

    Interesting! I wonder if anyone in my house will do this? This is not the way I fold socks but….. It looks like it is a good method. It is definitely better than throwing everything in a pile and sorting each day before you leave for work!

  2. Steve and Patty says:

    Okay – I watched the video – but I have to say it seems a wee bit “anal”. I’m looking forward to the towel folding though. 🙂

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