Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts…..

“…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you…”

God’s will for me……to be thankful.  To be content. How often I miss the many gifts he gives me each day, because I am thinking about what I have or don’t have.

The best way to be frugal, is to be content.

I’m going to tag along on a journey many have already started long ago.

It’s called,  “1000 gifts”.

Will you join me?   (I don’t like going on long journeys by myself.)  🙂

Let’s look for some of the gifts the Lord is blessing us with right under our noses…

Here we go…

#1.  Grace upon Grace in my life.    I couldn’t start our journey without it.

#2.  Dinosaurs.

My oldest is 8 (and 3/4 he would add).  His days of dinosaurs strung all over the kitchen floor are almost over.   Oh, how I love and will miss his “little boy” days….

#3.  More dinosaurs.  My “little bud” is barely two.  His dinosaur days have just begun.

Which means…..for a very short period in time….I will  have two “in dinosaurs”.  Thankful.

#4.  I was handed this note by my six-year-old little sweetie.

“Mom, wead this note.  It’s fwom the doctow.   I’m PWEGNANT.”

(You will be happy to know, that five minutes later……she delivered a healthy baby girl.   Two minutes after that, I was babysitting for the first time.  One proud grandma here.)

#5.   A two-year old’s obsession with pumpkin costumes. Very BIG ones.

Hat and all.

#6.  Rare smiles caught on camera.   (You’d frown too, if your mom made you use your sister’s old PINK binky.)

#7.  One lost tooth.

Especially one that your brother accidentally knocked loose 3 months ago, and has caused you MANY tears since.  That’s one happy girl, right there.

#8.  My husband’s day off. Which is today.  I so love spending my day with him.

Which is also why this list must end with #8….

Now it’s YOUR turn.

  • Grab a notebook and start your list there….
  • Start your list in the “comments” section so we can all be encouraged…
  • Start a “facebook note” and add to it each week…
  • -or-  just read along with us.  We love you whether you make a list, or not.

Thankful for YOU,

(Oh wait….. let’s make that number #9…..)


P.S….To read multitudes of others’ lists…..go here:

2 Responses to “Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts…..”
  1. Amanda says:

    Oh what a fantastic idea!
    I’ll start where you left off!
    10. Bonding time. Who would have thought a 14 year old boy would LOVE cleaning so much! I guess it is all about the attitude (and help) going into it. It was my husband’s idea to rearrange my oldest son’s room last night (yes I said NIGHT). I thought he was crazy to be starting so late. But after two hours and almost no arguing, the room was spotless and they were both all smiles. I woke up this morning to a STILL clean room and a bed that was nearly made. (That is an improvement!)
    11. Little helping hands. I know there are times when the kids want to help me cook and I turn them away cause well, it is just easier when I do it myself. Lately, if they ask, I let them. What a blessing it has become! I have so enjoyed them helping and seeing the looks on their face and how proud they are. I am so thankful to have the little helping hands.
    12. My In-laws. What a wonderful blessing/gift God has given me in my in-laws. We have had times of financial troubles and they were always there for us without us even asking. They always go out of their way to just do little things for us. Just a few weeks ago they surprised the boys with new shoes. I am just so incredibly grateful.
    13. Bubble Baths! No, not for the kids…..For Me. I use this time to pray, think about my day, read or just to have some ME time.
    14. My Church Family. I can’t imagine my life without them.
    15. Music. Music is so much a part of our everyday lives. In fact my 9 year old just asked me if he could download some Christian Rap music onto his MP3 🙂
    16. Sweet little voices at night. My youngest (4) and middle son (9) share a room and have bunk beds. I love sitting in the living room with the volume down on the T.V. to catch those precious little conversations that they share back and forth after they have been tucked into there beds. I’ve even went and sat in the hallway just to listen.
    17. “You’re my princess mommy” Oh those words! I mean come on, he’s 4…..and he wants ME to be his princess. Just melts my heart.
    18. Late night talks with my husband. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we just enjoy each other’s company.

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