Menu Monday: Quick Chicken Parmigiana

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Wonderful’s favorite Sunday afternoon meal.  I totally “dig” it, too…. but only because it is so amazingly EASY.

Maybe it’s just me, but after church on Sunday I always tend to feel……


Don’t ask me why, it’s not like a just ran a marathon or something.

So when my Mr. Wonderful ever so kindly suggests that “we haven’t had that chicken with sauce over spaghetti meal in a while”……. I want to kiss him.   Several times.

On the lips.

QUICK CHICKEN PARMIGIANA (which is a bit of a stretch seeing as there is absolutely NO parmigiana involved in my version)

  • Chicken patties
  • 1 Can Spaghetti Sauce
  • Spaghetti Noodles (I use 1/2 box)


In a skillet, fry your chicken patties in a “bit” of oil.  Then pour a can of spaghetti sauce over the whole thing.   Cover with lid and let simmer until the noodles are done cooking.

Serve over spaghetti noodles.

YES!!!  Naptime!!!

And even better… is a breakdown of what the meal cost:

  • Chicken Patties $2.00 (used 1/2 package of one of the “Pick 5” meats from Save-A-Lot)
  • Spaghetti Noodles $.40  (I use 1/2 box, which were $.79 @ Save-A-Lot- save the rest for next time!)
  • Sauce $.79 (I stocked up at this price, it is usually $.99)
  • Green Beans for side dish $.39 (I stocked up at this price, usually $.49)

GRAND TOTAL:   $3.58  !!!!!

**Note**  Mine was not anywhere NEAR this fabulous looking……



**It’s much more “saucy” in real life!!!**


Hope someone will be able to use this!  (By the way, you really could use ANY kind of chicken….)

Love you more than chicken parmigiana without parmigiana,


2 Responses to “Menu Monday: Quick Chicken Parmigiana”
  1. Kathy Hoelzer says:

    Do you use the pre-breaded? To make the dish healthier you could get boneless chick thighs or breasts (thighs are cheaper) Walmart has the organic chicken. A little more money but much better for health! Bread them yourself with flour or whatever you like to bread chicken with. Some use milk and eggs and flour. Brown and then continue with the way you made them.

    I try to avoid anything that is pre-breaded. It is more expensive but there is no price for good health. The only difference in price would be the chicken.I can usually get a package of 5 or 6 boneless thighs for about $3.50.

    How about bean soup and either cornbread or garlic butter biscuits like Red Lobster serves. I made those because little Clara can’t have corn. She can’t have beans either so I made her potato soup! I love your blog! Keep up the good work!!!! Kathy

    Anther inexpensive meal with the chicken is to brown the floured chicken and then add garlic and water with a tablespoon or so of salted and peppered flour. Put it in the oven to bake until the chicken is cooked all the way and the gravy is thickened and bubbly Serve with mashed or baked potatoes and a vegetable. SO GOOD! One of the favorites my mom cooked. There were six of us and we were also on a very tight budget. Smothered Chicken!

  2. Melinda says:

    Now you see where I get it, Melissa! 😉 I would use unbreaded boneless, skinless chicken something. I stock up when it’s on sale. You can also catch the shredded cheeses onsale at sns for $1.50 (sometimes $1). That would add a bit of calcium and protein to your meal, too. The Italian blend has some parmesan, so you could actually call this meal by it’s real name. Love ya! Keep up the good work.

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